Men’s Denim Trends, Past And Present

Jeans are a staple in any man’s life, offering comfort on casual days, and effortless class for nights out on the town.

Having said that, even items of clothing that endure the test of time – such as jeans – follow fashion trends of all kinds. So, any man who pays attention to what’s “in” will notice that even a wardrobe piece as basic as a pair of jeans can vary significantly from one season to the next.

Some might find it challenging to notice trends that follow one another closely. However, the overall evolution of men’s jeans is clear if considered within a wider span of time – for instance, over a few decades.

Take the 1950s and 1960s as an example: jeans initially came in a deep blue colour, and were worn with wide cuffs – and predominantly by a younger crowd. However, within the decade, they were more popular in faded shades of blue, and were beginning to take on flared bottoms.

Throughout the 1960s, jeans also became more accepted among older consumers. The 1970s brought on bell bottom jeans for both men and women, while the 80s were all about designer jeans and acid wash jeans. The 80s also saw a lot of bold denim prints and designs, as well as the “paint splattered” look.

The 1990s saw a lot of people wearing their jeans baggy; but the trend reversed itself as another decade went by, ultimately favouring a more fitted look – for example, seen in “skinny” jeans.

Now, with 2010 in full swing, men can expect to notice some big changes in denim styles in comparison to just ten years ago.

As springtime nears, men will begin to see both subtle and drastic shifts in denim trends – even from last season. Many denim designers are leaning towards mens jeans that are tighter around the bottoms, perhaps taking influence from the still-popular skinny jeans.

Many brands are also showing styles with subtle holes and mud imitation, as well as stitched designs. Shades will vary, ranging from light blue to dark, almost-black hues of blue.

Finally, decorated zippers – another subtle detail – are expected to emerge on a wide range of designer jeans this season. So, whether you like to wear your jeans to go out or simply stay in and relax in, you can choose from a number of new denim trends to keep you fashionable this season.