Men’s Designer Ties – How to Buy High End Neckwear For a Fraction of Its Original Retail Price

Let’s face it. Designer ties can be very expensive. While some retail in the tens of dollars, others not only break the $ 100 dollar mark but sail past $ 200 and well into the $ 300 range. Now there is something to be said for some of the best designers of men’ s neckwear. The designer name, the quality of the silk, the weight of the silk and the construction of an accessory all contribute to the price associated with certain neckties. However, just because something costs a lot doesn’t mean you must pay that much for it. If you are willing to enter the world of vintage, which includes well maintained ties from yesteryear, you can enjoy a whole world of outstanding designer wear at outstanding prices!

People Take Good Care of Designer Accessories
As with high end cars and other pricey luxuries, people who own luxuriously made neckwear usually take good care of it. For one, they paid the brand new price for them to begin with. Furthermore, they appreciate a well made article of clothing and take good care of it by following the care instructions. If something calls for dry cleaning, and they don’t already know of a place they trust, they make certain they find one. Designer neckties are an investment and are treated as such. So, it is not hard to find them in very good, excellent and pristine condition when searching for them in the vintage marketplace. It is hard to say how often they might have been worn. Perhaps only for special occasions. Maybe regularly. Whatever the case may be, because they are extremely well made to begin with, they maintain their integrity very well and have years of wear left.

Where to Find a Particular Design
Let’s look at a hypothetical situation: Hermes designer ties all have a designer number associated with each one which is printed on the underside by the back flap. Every year the company produces new and exciting patterns for the coming season, which sell really well. And they hold up really well, too. But what happens when you see something that you absolutely love and must have but was produced in 1986 or 1999 or even last year? You can look for dead stock neckwear, which is made years ago with its original tag still attached and never worn, but is very hard to come by. More realistically you will search for vintage neckties in hope of finding it. Once you see all the other designer ties which are also available in a variety of wonderful patterns and at very reasonable prices, it becomes harder to purchase them again at full retail price in spite of the name or workmanship associated with them.  

It all comes down to value per dollar spent. There is absolutely nothing wrong with your purchasing brand new designer neckwear if it makes you happy to do so. It’s just that buying vintage can make you even more satisfied with your purchase. It will be lighter on your wallet and along the way will open up a wonderful world of unique men’s neckties you may have never seen before.