Men’s Suits That Bring Out the Best in You

A well-fitting suit is a symbol of power, success and confidence but is the suit you’re wearing to the office truly representative of you?

Available designs for suits are now much more versatile allowing for unusual colors and cuts. Ozwald Boateng, a notorious London Saville Row tailor has brought back the men’s power suit in recent years with his exuberant choice of textiles. Combining contemporary design and his attention to cut and detail have earned him praise with his high profile client list which includes Mick Jagger and David Bowie. With prices starting at around $ 10,000 not everyone can afford a Boateng suit.

So, how can you make sure your suit brings out the best in you? Although there are some trendy styles around it’s always safer to try and keep the cuts classic and traditional but don’t compromise your own personal style. Budget for around $ 200 to $ 500 for a good quality suit. Try not to avoid styles that are in now but will soon look dated. Your suit needs to be versatile and blend in with your lifestyle as well as frequency and occasions of wear.

Choosing the right style and the right fabric is the key and some basic considerations include how often you’ll wear your suit and for what occasions. Statement pieces such as engraved cufflinks or silk ties set off a quality tailored suit beautifully. Try to steer clear from floral patterns or overpowering colors. Most modern suits are made of wool as it is considered to be durable, resistant, and comfortable and wrinkle free. The most common types of wool suits are merino, cashmere and angora. Other less popular materials include cotton, flannel and linen.

Make sure that you get measured for your suit; a badly fitting suit is not only uncomfortable but gives an impression of untidiness. Make sure that you can move your arms freely and your trousers are an adequate fit.

Basic conservative styles that you should consider include the traditional navy blue suit which you can combine with a variety of different but muted colored shirts. Button styles for jackets include the three button classic look, two button or double breasted which suits slimmer builds. For trousers opt for flat front pants which tend to be more slimming with the length hitting just above the heel of your shoe.

In terms of color navy blue looks great with white, gray and light blue shirts. Stylish and professional, pinstripe suits can look sharp and smart and are timeless pieces that is worth the investment. While chalk stripe suits are similar to pinstripe they give a smarter appearance.

Moving away from the traditional styles such as the windowpane can be worn during the warmer months and are more casual than the classic pinstripe design. Brown suits are not always the best choice but for those who are a little daring these suits can be successfully combined with earth colors.

Remember to always get your suits professionally cleaned, this will ensure that what initially seems like a pricey investment will last a lifetime.