Mercury Retrograde is Starting Early – September 7 – 29, 2009

Technically Mercury’s retrograde won’t begin until September 7th (retrograde station), but we will begin feeling the effects of this Mercury retrograde as early as August 20th. The reason for this is that Mercury slows down before he changes direction, and this time Mercury has picked a fight with Mars in the process.

Mercury doesn’t actually reverse the direction of his orbit around the sun. But, because the Earth is not the center of the solar system, and because Mercury’s orbit is much faster than ours, it appears that he is about 3 – 4 times per year. Most astrologers believe that when any planet is in retrograde it brings delays or confusion in the activities ruled by that planet. Mercury is the ruler of communication, transportation, siblings and neighbors, and short trips. That’s why we are always telling you to backup important files, and postpone career and business plans during Mercury’s retrograde.

As I mentioned above, this retrograde is going to be starting early. Mercury will enter a square (bad aspect) with Mars on August 21st, and they will maintain this square until Mercury’s retrograde begins on September 7th. Mars is the warrior planet. He rules our tempers and our sex drives. Mars rules cars and Mercury, transportation, so there will be a higher percentage of accidents on the highways during this time leading up to Mercury’s retrograde station. Mars also rules wars, so the could also be some flare-ups in the war. Most of us will probably just have a general feeling of uneasiness.

After Mercury hits retrograde station on September 7th and reverses direction, Mars will be past him and we may find that the rest of Mercury’s retrograde won’t be as difficult as retrogrades in the past. His retrograde will begin in Libra and transit back through Virgo, so people with dominate Libra in their charts may find that only the first half of Mercury’s retrograde causes them any problems. But, people with dominate Virgo in their charts may find that the whole retrograde is a real pain in the neck with Mercury being the ruling planet of Virgo.

Ex-lovers often call when Mercury is in retrograde, and with this retrograde beginning in Libra, the chances of that are really strong. Mercury’s retrograde is a very good time to go back and reassess projects from the past. Its also a good time to finish-up projects that have been “sitting on the back burner.”

Mercury’s retrograde is also a great time for ghost hunting, it will be especially strong from September 19th through September 24th. Mercury and the Sun will be crossing Saturn from either direction, and Saturn will also be at an opposition to Uranus at the same time. To put this in English, Saturn and Uranus have been holding and opposition for almost a year, and this opposition will continue for almost another year. Saturn and Uranus will be lining up for their 3rd peak of this aspect during the whole month of September. Imagine a clock, and Saturn is sitting at 3 o’clock and Uranus is sitting at 9 o’clock. The Sun is at 2 o’clock moving forwards, and Mercury is at 4 o’clock moving backwards. Well, from September 19th – 24th, Mercury and the Sun will hit 3 o’clock and share the space with Saturn. Saturn rules our ancestors, and Uranus will bring surprises. Add Mercury retrograde and the Sun to the mix, and there will be messages from the other side. So, pay attention!

Mercury’s retrograde will end (direct station) on September 29th, and he will be making an aspect to Mars again. Luckily this time Mars and Mercury will be sextile (positive), so we may find that Mercury’s transition back to a forward motion brings only small obstacles. If we encounter any obstacles during Mercury’s direct station, they should the type that we can easily overcome and make us look like a hero.

Okay, now its time to get out our natal charts and see how Mercury’s retrograde will affect us personally. Mercury’s retrograde will transit from 6 degrees 13 minutes Libra to 21 degrees 38 minutes Virgo. First look to see which house or houses Mercury will be traveling through. The areas of our lives rules by these houses will be the areas of our lives affected. For example, if Mercury’s retrograde begins in your 5th house of romance and transits into your 4th house of home and family before it is finished, you will quite probably hear from an old lover or friend. Also, after Mercury crosses back into your 4th house, you may be ready to do some extra housecleaning, or you may find that a spirit in your home gets your attention. If Mercury while in retrograde makes an aspect to any of your natal planets or power points, it may affect you for a day or so, but it will not have as much influence as the houses will.

If we can quit our complaining and blaming of Mercury’s retrograde, we can actually make this retrograde work for us. Just act like a Gemini and go with the flow. This Mercury retrograde can actually bring many benefits.