Metal Golf Spikes – Going For More Grass-Friendly Spikes

Golfers need to maintain stable footing so they can swing and concentrate properly. Golf shoes are the main contributors in achieving the stability that every golfer is looking for and to improve that quality, golf spikes are installed at the bottom of the footwear.

You need spikes on your golf shoes

Golf spikes are spiky and small protrusions that prevent unnecessary movements and slipping when swinging. Golf spikes are also able to better balance and stability when walking on turf, gravel, and sand. Metal golf spikes are usually the ones that are highly preferred by golfers on their golf shoes. A typical one can have 12 spikes that are distributed with the division of four spikes at the heel and eight spikes on the forefoot.

What are they?

Metal golf spikes are characterized by their steel posts, flanges and threads. They are highly preferred because of their durability. Most varieties require frequent cleaning by rinsing with water and then letting them dry after each game to avoid rusting. However, they are not usually allowed on common golf courses especially the grassy ones. These metal spikes are also capable of tearing up the grass.

Should you go for metal?

Since most golf courses have grass, metal golf spikes may not be the best ones to use. Instead, you can go for ceramic or carbide golf spikes because they cannot tear the grass up. Don’t worry because these alternatives are made of durable tungsten carbide and ceramics, making them abrasion-resistant and ideal for experienced and serious golfers, too. They also have steel flanges and threads that you need to clean regularly to avoid corrosion and rusting. Opting for variants with plastic threads can also retard rusting.

But if you still insist on using metal spikes for your golf shoes, ensure that they have the best traction to provide you with the support you need on slippery and wet surfaces.

Important information

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