Methods For Adding Intensity to Your Bodybuilding Workouts

Modern diets rarely suffice in providing the body with all necessary nutritional needs. Civilization, industrialization and finally automation processes through which our societies have evolved, have almost phased out all foods natural. We have been left with no choice but to go artificial and synthetic if you like. Foods are packed and processed in such a way that the nutritional value of our daily foods can not foot the bill, especially for body builder.

Body building intensifies with time and so do the nutritional requirements placed on the body builder. Each level of body building, as one progresses onwards maximal muscle gains, has a progressive nutritional demand, proportional to it. Body builders must adjust their eating habits by and by, as they become bigger and heavier. Such requirements are not always easy to meet from the shelves of our supermarkets and grocery stores.

It is at this point that supplementation becomes an important part of a body builder’s life. Three supplements are of special importance to body builders. The first of these is glutamine. Glutamine is more popularly known by body builders as an immunity amino supplement. When a body builder is overly stressed and pressurized from the twin demands of from dieting and training, his or her immune system usually is activated to release hormonal glutamine and ingest it to the bloodstream. The presence of adequate glutamine amplifies the ability of muscle growth so as to handle the stress. As such, when a body builder has low levels of glutamine in the blood, he or she usually suffers from inhibited muscle growth.

Whenever possible, it is wise to supplementing the body with glutamine in a bid to amplify muscle growth. And this brings us to the second of the big three essential supplements for body builders, creatine. Creatine as a supplement enables amplification of the ability of a body builder to produce adequate levels of adenosine triphosphate also called ATP. ATP is the chemical that fuels muscle strength during body building training towards maximal growth. When a body builder supplements with creatine, he or she enhances the muscle strength and ATP levels without having to result to food types and other natural sources of creatine loaded with unwanted fats.

Finally, the third type of the big three supplements that each body builder should have besides his or her diet program is branched chain amino acids. Branched amino acids (BCAA) usually act as the emergency energy source at times when the body’s glycogen stores are depleted, especially during or after intensive body building training. The body might have to result to digesting muscle tissues or other negative muscle waste alternatives if only to cater for the glycogen demands placed on the body beyond the available nutrients.

BCAA are vital as additions to the nutritional program a body builder adopts simply because they increase his or her nitrogen balance. The also, and more importantly perhaps, prevent catabolic states accrued from either overtraining or over dieting. A body builder in catabolic state wastes rather than builds muscles. And on this BCAA’s are the only solution.