Microscopy Accessories – When Beauty Needs More Than the Naked Eye

The world is beautiful – you know that. As a child, you were amazed at how wonderful the color of the rainbow is. You were even amazed at the thought of night and day.

Then, when Science class came, these magnificent natural phenomena are made more splendid when you learned that night and day is because of the Earth’s rotation. You marvel at yourself when you knew that rainbows are not because of magic, but of light’s wavelengths passing through raindrops.

Still, there are so many things that you have no answer yet. There are still so many things that you need to know. Like, what is numerical aperture? What are Achromat and Plan-Apochromat Objectives?

And of course, there’s that “small side -” the side that you don’t understand because you simply cannot see it using your naked eyes alone. You talk about atoms and molecules but you have not really come close to seeing them. Good thing though that the world came up with the microscope.

Yes, through the microscope, the world became more visible – and more understandable. Wait – there’s more good news! You can now make use of microscopy accessories. When you cannot afford to buy those very expensive digital or electron microscopes, you can always use microscopy accessories instead.

Here are some of them:

Pocket Microscope

This is one of the microscopy accessories that does not live up to its size. The pocket microscope maybe small but it is a powerful one. This is also sometimes referred to as a “pen microscope” because it comes with a pen clip. As such, you can conveniently clip this onto your shirt pocket for a more dramatic effect. And of course, you won’t have any problems regarding magnification because pocket microscopes come in different magnifications to suit your every need.

Microfilm viewer

If you are confronted with situations when you need to see through a microfilm or even an x-ray film, you sometimes panic because naturally, you cannot really see through it without the use of special gadgets. Good thing though that today, you can already seek the aid of a microfilm viewer. This small accessory makes use of high quality glass optics and comes with a handle. This is also one of those microscopy accessories that considers its user: the microfilm viewer is specifically designed to minimize eye fatigue – a consequence if you work for long periods of time.

Flexible Stand Loupe

This accessory is made up of a loupe (a small magnifying glass), a flexible arm and a solid stand. This is indeed ideal for inspecting specimen on a working table where you need both of your hands free. The arm is flexible enough for any position. Therefore, you can continue to inspect a specimen while maintaining good posture and taking advantage of the best lighting conditions.

So you see, it’s not only the microscope that can give you a “better view on things.” There are a lot of microscopy accessories out there that can do the same job of aiding your eye. They are cheaper, lighter and smaller.

So the next time that you are confronted with a “viewing problem,” don’t go chasing microscopes directly. Try one of the microscopy accessories mentioned above. You’ll see that they’re equally great in bringing you the beauty of the smaller things in this world.

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