Microsoft Revolutionizing The Very Concept Of Computing

The world of IT would not have existed had there been no Windows to steer computer operations. And Microsoft has truly revolutionized the very concept of computing. Millions of users across the world use Microsoft Windows. No other competitor can beat Microsofts rapport; the future is secured for this IT bellwether and the sky is the limit. The company never stops innovating. With research an ongoing process, versions and editions are launched periodically thus helping users stay in sync with the latest technology. And Microsoft Windows has seen a change too with the launch of Microsoft Windows 7. There are various advantageous features in the Windows 7 that are praiseworthy.

Here are few of the key features of Microsoft Windows 7 that are worth mentioning:
You can experience your computer working the way you want. It is fun and pleasure personalizing your system. The fast Sleep and Resume feature is an added advantage. Besides, Windows 7 ensures better protection and security of your data. You need no efforts for protecting your files and folder. If you want to use your older programs, you can use them at ease in the Windows XP Mode
Simplification of everyday tasks is made possible with the use of Windows 7. Right from scanning all your open windows with Live Taskbar Previews, using Snap to arrange a couple of windows side by side with just a couple of clicks, connecting to a network, finding a file, and more happens fast and effortlessly
You can easily get new things done with Microsoft Windows 7. Most of you must have already used the touch screen feature in mobile phones. Now, you can use touch screen in your computer with Windows 7 instead of a mouse
Using Play To to share music, photos, and videos throughout your home, connecting to printers fast with Location Aware Printing, using your PC to watch Internet TV and record live TV happen only with a few clicks.

There are lot more features of Microsoft Windows 7 to delve on. Before you buy Windows 7, go online, visit an online page that contains comprehensive information about the software and then proceed with the buying. If you buy Windows 7 or any other Microsoft products from an online store selling genuine Microsoft products, you stay doubly benefited avail discounts and get genuine products.

There are various editions of Windows 7. If you are a professional or run a small business, windows 7 professionall will best serve your purpose. You can work securely and more easily from anywhere. There can be no other software that will help you to be more productive at the same time protecting all the critical information that matter to you effortlessly. You can set up networks, printers, and projectors fast besides creating documents, presentations, etc. speedily. Buy Windows 7 Professional and explore a world of possibilities. As aforementioned buy Windows 7 professional from an online store that sells Microsoft products. BOLA TANGKAS