Migration: 9 reasons to choose Australia

You have a plan to migrate to another country, which one will you think of? United State, Britain, or France? Have you ever have Australia in mind? This article will give you some reasons why you should migrate to this kangaroo country.


1.There’s a great job for you there.

Australia’s booming economy is needing all the skilled workers and professionals it can get. Currently, there are over 100,000 vacancies being advertised, while unemployment is at a low of 5%. Skilled migrants are therefore more than welcome to bring in a globally-competitive edge and multi-cultural strength to Australian workforce.


2.It’s a lovely melting pot out there.


Australia’s shore is open to people from all races and background. Greeks, Brits, Italians, Vietnamese, Germans, Lebanese, and a whole lot other colorful people mingle and coexist happily in Australia. In fact, a stroll at any of Australia’s bustling streets is like an instant journey around the world.


3.It’s a fair dinkum* beautiful country.


An understatement, really. Australia is home to many exotic wonders, the amazing Outback, rich cultural history, lovely beaches, sophisticated cities, awesome wildlife, and plenty other things to discover and explore.


4.It costs cheap to live in Australia.

That’s high standard of living but at a low cost to enjoy it. Compared to other developed countries, cost of living in Australia is definitely cheaper. Case in point: If you were in UK, you would have to earn twice as much just to achieve the same standard of good living in Australia.


5.Australia is safe.


Australia is considered as one of the safest place in the world; crime rate, as reported by Australia’s Bureau of Statistics, is at an all-time low for the past ten years. Australia is even safer than most Australian themselves think.


6..Australia offers high standards of living.

Australia’s vibrant economy allows its citizens to live the good life as evidenced by their ample purchasing power. If you especially have a business, you cannot go wrong setting it up in Australia.


7.It’s cool to study in Australia.

The Australian education system is one of the most excellent and most effective in the world. In a 2003 UNICEF study, Australia ranked fifth, just behind North Korea, Japan, and Finland.


8.Australia has healthy citizens.

Just like its education system, Australia’s health care systems is among the best in the world. People’s taxes indeed go back to them through free and subsidized health services.


9.It’s easy to get to Australia.

With the introduction of the eVisa or Electronic Travel Authority (ETA), immigration to Australia has been simplified and made easier.


– fair dinkum: genuine