Milito: Barcelona unparalleled nuclear can play well and strive to be reused _ melon handsome YORK

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World Cup in South Africa, Argentina, the weak against the German myth of the ultimate ruin of the old horse, while the blue line after the Army has long been well known fragile. Looked at Demichelis, Otamendi their poor, remember losing all the fans of Argentina Javier Zanetti, Diego Milito and other wealthy a small star. After more than a season of rest, the Milito in the second half of last season, announced a comeback tour. The main Argentine former Barcelona in the new season to become the most important defender off the bench.

Barcelona has arrived in Korea on August 2, officially opened the red and blue army’s Asian tour. In the Asian line, Barcelona because many Spanish international have participated in the World Cup final and the absence of even this is not Bo Yang is also due to World Cup striker to race in the Spanish U21 absent from the Beijing line. Line in the Barcelona team in Asia, in addition to the two superstars Lionel Messi and Ibrahimovic, but Alves, Milito this team South American duo has been called the big internationals.

Later in the first arrival, Barcelona for the recovery of training, and in the afternoon, Army red and blue against the South Korean K League All-star team. Prior to the news conference, Milito accepted the media.

Xavi and Iniesta as the absence of dual-core, Barcelona can always play offensive football fans to become the biggest question. Milito said this: “We are a good team, there are a lot of good players. We enjoyed a wonderful football. Now, the absence of Xavi and Iniesta, but we will still be kicked out A high-level and full of sense of control of the football. “

Last season, more than one season because of injury rest of Argentines finally back in the second half of the league, and Max quickly squeezed into the third person in the back. In the new season, Max has gone to New York Red Bulls, 齐格林斯基 were at a low price back home, Milito’s position becomes more important. In this regard, Milito hope I can return to the best possible team, and get Guardiola reuse. “The more games played, your status will be. But we have a lot of good players, everyone has the opportunity.”

All-Star tonight, with South Korea for the match, the team Milito believe this is a good test to find the best rhythm. (Click to enter the Audi Barcelona China Tour Special)