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The second half of last year, prices have infant milk powder, milk ocean first reason for rising costs to price increases, and then went to milk this year, taking over from the domestic reasons or the cost of operating costs covered, south to Guangzhou, north to Yantai, west to Xian, Yang infant milk powder price increases in the retail side are more than 10%, while domestic brands Zeyi Ashley Kicks, is expected to start from the April price increase about 10%. However, there is a senior expert said: Now milk Raw material Lower prices than two months ago has dropped by almost 5,000 yuan / ton, the cost also increases what? If the basis of cost, raw milk before the drop in price to 12,000 yuan / ton of time, how did they down? Is clearly just want to make more money!

Market phenomena Domestic milk prices No major movement

retail terminal Earlier, news that will follow the foreign-made milk powder milk prices, but the reporter found in consultation with the supermarket, to the time of writing been officially posted prices on the supermarket notice only Ashley’s Gold and General Alpha Gold milk two, price increases about 10%. Ashley side said that at present they are only verbal notice, written notice has not yet formally issued. As for other domestic brands of milk, prices have not yet been given notice. Pokka has even said to reporters until the time of writing, has not yet received any official price increase notification of domestic brands, but Mengniu Pure milk and Vitasoy Carrefour still do specials.

Domestic milk market, yet has happened, but the price rise is the local liquid milk. The popularity of local milk, Chinese farmers Yogurt Single-product increase of about 0.2 yuan to 0.3 yuan. In retail outlets, popular 195 ml of milk sold by the bag of 1.8 yuan rose to 2 yuan, Chinese farmers of sweet milk rose to 1.8 yuan, 0.2 yuan’s rise basically has the grounds that the increase in cost.

Milk prices Consumers reluctantly “hard chew” Although the foreign milk powder prices have

up, but several major supermarket in the months of reporters found that consumers still come to buy a lot of milk. Have Sell Officials said the number of consumers now buy milk and the prices sound just before the fact, because “kids always eat milk.” The current domestic brands of milk, in addition to Ashley’s common Gold and Alpha Gold milk of two expected from April onwards adjusted, the other brands not see price increases. Press scene has the two young couples counseling, they said, would rather “pay exorbitant prices to eat import brands, domestic brands do not want to buy,” because “there now Melamine Milk, I wonder when we can say that there is no domestic milk powder melamine! “As consumers still lack confidence in domestic milk powder, so even if prices continue to foreign milk powder, but not domestic milk prices, consumers still tend to choose your price of foreign milk powder.

Depth analysis Prices due to foreign control of the pricing formula?

Infant formula has been continuously since the second half of last year prices. Overall, from 2008 to the present, imports of milk powder have been successively increase of 3 times. The first price increase was in April 2008 to June, when the melamine baby milk powder incident surfaced, Dairy Milk industry is fierce war, was raised to very high purchase price, including Wyeth, Dumex, Abbott, etc., the collective prices of infant formula milk powder. Seven in August last year, Wyeth and Abbott launched a new round of price increases the first wave, as a result of melamine in infant milk powder incident, domestic milk sales hampered sales of imported milk powder greatly increased opportunity to capture the market and raise prices again. Wyeth brand Erduan then, three paragraphs, four unified formula of the ex-factory price up 7%, while the introduction of new products on behalf of Abbott Zeyi up 10%. Third wave of price increases is starting in January of this year, Nestle announced starting from January 1st part of adult milk powder prices 5% to 10% in February Mead Johnson’s product follow-up, while the resulting price rise include Australia excellent, because the United States and other shellfish. BOLA TANGKAS