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There are a number of wellness practices that can lead to an increased sense of purity and vitality. Since the modern diet, which is centered around convenience, speed and mass production often does not correlate to food that is vitalizing and full of nourishment. Since we are very unprotected by the government to regulate cleanliness and health for the food industry, we are left to our own devices to find food that gives us life and strength.
A vegetarian diet is often more ideal since all the chemicals, hormones and anti-biotics that are in meat and dairy products can make us sick. Even in eating a vegetarian diet it is best to abstain from the whites flour, pasta, rice and sugar, as well since these products have been severely denourished with plenty of dangerous chemicals added in the production process.
Eating foods with unprocessed and whole ingredients is a smart start. After you eat something, do you feel full of vitality or do you feel sluggish and yucky? One you start to notice the effects food has, you have begin on the path to making more nourishing food choices. Try eating only chips and soda for two days straight and you will realize how devitilizing these mainstays of the American snackfood diet are. Yoga helps us become aware of how we respond to and process stimulation in our environment and helps us on the path to vitality and calm, in our bones and in our brains.
In the business world, many self-management techniques are required to succeed including the ability to manage pressure, deadlines, energize, improve self-esteem, overcome obstacles, overcome fear and setbacks, develop and nurture self-confidence, manage anger, sharpen concentration and persevere in the face of adversity. Yoga is a system of techniques for self-management and achieving personal excellence using breathing techniques, physical poses, and meditation.
Yoga has transformed many beyond just being more bendy on the mat. The skills you use in mastering a balancing pose improve your focus and concentration which helps you to be more effective in the workplace and at home. These meditative poses help you to practice detachment so you dont let fear of losing things (material objects, status, relationships) and the need to hold on to things (or people) have as much power over you. You can then make decisions from a place of being powerfully responsibly for your own life instead of just being reactionary. Yoga poses involve movements which bring stability to the body, the senses, and help further develop our intellect and consciousness.
Yoga helps you to embrace uncertainty. Yoga is more than a set of physical poses that help you bend and flex for a Cirque Du Soleil audition. Yoga is a set of lifestyle practices that leads one to a deep self-realization and self-mastery.
Yoga has helped many to have a more objective point of view on situations and people. Instead of judging people, you come to realize that most people are doing their best for their level of consciousness and you develop greater compassion for others. Yoga has assisted in stemming the feelings of pain, fatigue, doubt, confusion, self-delusion and despair that we all feel. Yoga helps to make your mind steady and clear so decisions are made from a place of clarity and strength.
Yoga is a tool which allows us to experience our selves more fully and more richly. We are at a critical juncture in the evolution of our minds. The earth-wide environmental movement and internet are examples of the world coming together to form a global community.

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