MixUnit Coupon Codes for the Trendiest Hip-Hop Music and Merchandise

While surfing through various discount codes online, I came across some MixUnit coupon codes that instantly caught my attention. No, I’m not about to go “bangin’ with the posse” while my “momma’s takin’ a chillax time in the ‘hood.” No, that’s not exactly my cup of tea.

You see, the MixUnit promotional codes I found are discount coupons for MixUnit’s wide range of hip-hop music, DVDs, apparel, magazines, and other hip-hop what-have-you’s. It’s everything and anything hip-hop, and it’s definitely not for me.

However, the MixUnit promo codes caught my interest because I saw that they gave great discounts on a huge assortment of hip-hop products and I readily remembered a nephew of mine who is admittedly my favorite among my eldest sister’s brood of two boys and one girl. Other people might predict that I would be most fond of my niece, if only for being the only girl, but it is actually my sister’s firstborn son who is closest to me.

I guess it’s because I’ve spent so much time with this nephew and I’ve seen him grow before my eyes, much more than his other siblings. The strong affection and fondness I had for him back when he was the only nephew I had, long before his brother and sister were born, has remained intact through the years and was unmoved by the birth of his siblings. Don’t get me wrong… I’m also fond of my other nephew and niece. I just can’t help it if the first one remains to be my favorite.

Anyway, this favorite nephew of mine is now 14 years old and is getting more charming and handsomer by the day. Not only that. He’s also the smartest and most talented young boy I know of his age. Okay, I may be going a bit overboard with my praises and I’m obviously sounding overwhelmingly biased, but you get the point. In my eyes, he’s the best 14-year-old kid I know.

I don’t share his taste of music though. I guess it’s the generation gap, but I just don’t get the loud, hyper-beat music he listens to and the foul language that goes along with it. I must say, however, that I admire it when he tries to do his own rendition of the songs he listens to, rapping the words in an unimaginable speed but not losing the gripping rhythm and tempo that keeps my attention hooked. He just has his way of performing his favorite hip-hop music that makes it more bearable and less headache-inducing as their original versions.

Again, it may just as well be my own biases doing the talking. But it just goes to show how much I admire and appreciate my nephew, so much that I thought of him instantly when I found the MixUnit coupon codes online. They easily solved my problem of choosing a gift for his birthday two weeks from now. I know how much he appreciates anything and everything hip-hop, so the MixUnit promo codes are exactly what I need to get the most out of my birthday gift budget for him. I’m thinking of buying him a hip-hop shirt and cap as well as a set of DVDs, and I now know where to find the right MixUnit coupon code for these planned purchases.