Mma Is Here For The Long Haul

Mixed martial arts is a activity within a league of its own. The Things I like about Mma is the reason that “everything counts”, it is possible to grapple, punch, clinch, take folks down and throw people around. Going in older days when I used to wrestle, when ever I lost I would rationalize that “If it had been a real fight I possibly could have beaten that guy up”.

None of that in Mixed martial arts, You’re able to decide where you want to go ahead and take fight and what your strategy is, its only a matter of which guy has the most powerful will and set of skills. As the saying about Mixed martial arts goes “As real as it gets”, there is absolutely no room for taking a victim role here and find excuses, when you lost you should have trained harder.

It is my opinion over the next ten years we will see a whole new variety of Mixed martial arts fighters, these are gonna be so well rounded it is scary. They’re going to have actually trained in the sport of Mma for ten years+ and would not just be a wrestler, boxer, karate ka, bjj or thai boxer who changed over to Mma.

I think the closest we can come to learn how Mixed martial arts fighters will be in a decade would be to look at GSP. French Canadian can out wrestle most base wrestlers inside the Ufc and that is even while not wrestled thru his teenager years.

His striking his solid (Despite the fact that he does not wish to stand up that much any longer) and his jiu jitsu is black belt level, a guy like this is really scary since you have no idea where you can take the fight. Though his stand up isn’t the same level as a number of the world-class strikers like Anderson Silva, his wrestling and take downs will nullify a lot of those top class striker’s game as they will constantly have to wary of the take down.

Mma has been my passion for over ten years now and the development I have seen has just been crazy, you can get all sorts of new training gear, Mixed martial arts clothing, special Mma gloves and so forth. It just warms my heart to see this development, so all of us in the Mma community let’s stay united and represent the sport activity we love in the best way possible and maybe, just maybe, break down some of those stereotypical pictures of Mma in the media! BOLA TANGKAS