MMA – Strength and Conditioning For Mixed Martial Arts Fighters

As with any sport, MMA requires a completely different strength and conditioning training regiment. In order to have some of the great success of the top MMA fighters, you need to put together the proper combination of rest, strength training, conditioning and diet. This is also different for every body type, and you need to find out what works best for you.

Fighters must be able to fight at a maximum intensity for up 3 – 5 rounds all being 5 minutes long. Also how to get the most rest possible in the minute long break between rounds.

Sprinting, walking, or running on the treadmill will not give you the endurance or strength you need. We’re not saying that they won’t supplement, but they aren’t the conditioning workouts that will win a fight. You want to win a fight, not run away from an opponent.

You might only be training to have the body of an MMA fighter. If that is the case then you’re better off trying a completely different workout.

Some key points are:

How can you have low bodyweight, while increasing strength?
Muscle building is ineffective, as this will limit movement.
You’re not here to work one muscle group a day, which is for bodybuilders.
Maximize movement and strength together.

Your strength training should include movements that you would normally perform in a fight. Some of these may include: lunges, squats, crunches, twists, as well as push and pull exercises. They should also be done with explosive movement to mimic how you would be in the cage.

Usually you would be looking at training strength and conditioning minimally 2 times a week. You want to make sure you’re targeted each muscle group every time you’re at it.

If you’re performing this only 2 times a week , your most important task is to maximize your time in training. There is a workout amongst 3 Free ebooks at It is a great bodyweight routine that can take your cardio to another level. Videos within the ebook will show you exactly how to perform the exercises.