Mobile Phones Recycling: Time To Go Green

Every month we witness a whole new range of mobile phones launched which boasts to excellent features and gorgeous looks leaving huge crowds attracting towards it. So without wasting too much time on thinking we ditch our previous handset and move on the other one to keep ourselves updated with the technology and in some cases the change is just for showing off purposes. However we not concerned about the reason behind changing the mobile phone, but it is the after effects that we experience after we get ourselves with the mobile phone of our dreams.

In the course of changing the mobile phones we don’t bother about the waste we generate. Our old mobile phones are potential source of creating pollution. Their batteries contain harmful chemicals like Lithium, Nikel etc and these batteries if not disposes properly can leak and contaminate the environment. They can leak these metals in form of liquid of even in poisonous gaseous form. These phones are mostly made of plastics which keeps on piling up as plastic is not biodegradable, which means it cannot decay like wood or paper. Plastics take a very long time in decaying. It can take hundreds of years for plastics to decay which is considerable very long time. All of these waste mobile phones become a part of E-waste, where E stands for “electronic” waste. To save our planet from these harmful substances there is a new motto going on which says “ go green”.

Mobile phones can be recycled and in this manner we can save our planet from their adverse effects. A recycled mobile phone can be a used for various purposes. Their parts can be used in other mobile phones. The spares employed in other mobile phones is beneficial for environment as well as for the manufacturer. In case if the mobile is fully working you can sell it to third world countries. This would mean that an affordable phone is there for those people who are less fortunate.

You can get familiar with all the details which are necessary for mobile phone recycling on the internet. There are many internet portals which provide information regarding mobile phone recycling. With proper knowledge you can contribute towards the environment and also make others do the same.

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