Mobile Remote Control Can Be Dictating To People Not At Home Appliances – Water Heaters, Gas Stoves

Phone Remote control, people do not have to order about appliances at home

‘s Fair exhibit live at home yesterday to visit the barracks, the new smart appliances especially eye-opener

A foot down, the ground screen in the “water” immediately rippled “smart” rather than shying fish will hide; people in the outdoors, family

TV , Curtains, water heater … … a cell phone can be a full remote; reached the international advanced technical level of household water purification equipment, eye only 0.0001 micron membrane filter, allowing you to rest assured that a healthy refreshing drink straight water. Yesterday afternoon, this reporter visited the Third China (Hefei) International Household Appliances Fair exhibit hall was found, intelligence, new,

Energy Highlights three categories of environmental protection appliances eye-opener.

Mobile remote control all home appliances

In the “Dia U.S. intelligence

Home Experience room “, the staff is assembling a home theater. According to the staff, the average family in the installation of the intelligent remote control system, people not at home, but also through mobile phones, remote control home lighting, television, refrigerator,

Air conditioning , Water heater, gas stove, and curtains. People at home, also by a “remote control”, control all home appliances. “Smart home system can bring the feeling of home, imagine: one to enter the house at night, interior lights, the more warmth; winter, entered the room, early head start to send the air-conditioning heating, the more warmth ah!”

It is understood that, in general, an area of about 100 square meters to meet the housing needs of the system, the market price for the 3 to 50,000 yuan. Currently, the system has been gradually developed coastal city popular still in our province, Hefei and even promote the initial stage.

Home not scare fish into the ground

The Anda Electronic Exhibition area, a projection screen set up on the ground, water waves, fish Sahuan, it is truly realistic. When a reporter under the guidance of the staff, one foot stepping on the screen, saw feet of “water” once again in the layers of ripples, “water” and red goldfish, in the “frightened” immediately after the four downstream bulk, just as Virtual exactly the same. According to reports, the screen is able to produce realistic results with human interaction, mysteries are hung above the heads of the infrared camera. When the human body in contact with the screen, the screen below the set point of hundreds of thousands of elements, once the signal through the feedback infrared camera to the computer, then in accordance with the instruction set computer, the screen appears a corresponding change in time to It feels like people are really scared of their own goldfish general.

Angle spherical screen which can be read

Square-shaped TV screen little wonder, can you ever seen an arc spherical screen it? In Anda electronic exhibition area, hanging in a huge curved screen and a huge ball screen. Staff told reporters, curved piece of screen about 6 meters and 3 meters wide, this is not the most powerful, if necessary, they can also produce a 360 circular screen. While the more eccentric spherical screen named “

Digital Outside the pitch “and its diameter of 1.5 meters, weighs 23 hundred pounds, in the same time the number of projector light, people standing around it any angle, can see the same real.

According to reports, this local electronic enterprises in Hefei has undertaken the National Science and Technology Museum of China, Wuxi Museum and other famous museums, the construction of tasks related to electronic devices, they manufactured a variety of “very strange” projection screen, or have become The science and technology museum’s “facade signs” of it!

Pure water coming out of tap water

Electrical exhibition in Rongshida, the reporter saw a length of pipe and a rough form, such as

Microwave ovens

Size of 100 metal box that though they look much, no small ability. “This is our new family home water purification equipment, one is ultrafiltration Brought water mains, one is the water purifier.” Rongshida the scene told reporters that the water purification equipment to reach the international most advanced physical filtering technology, the treated water can be comparable to high-grade pure water, straight to the drinking water standard set by the state. Among them, the core technology of RO water purifier is the reverse osmosis membrane filtration technology in the physical world, top-ion stage separation equipment, its diameter is only 0.0001 micron, the equivalent of one ten thousandth of hair 80, 4000 bacteria per 1, 200 viral one. Water through its filter, will only allow water molecules and beneficial mineral elements through. BOLA TANGKAS