Mobility Scooters Can Change Your Life

People are living longer than ever before and most of them retain their independence well into retirement. For those who no longer have access to a car, a mobility scooter is the next best thing for them to get about. These electric scooters allow them to do such things as go shopping, go to the post office and visit friends. Such activities allow the elderly to keep active and look after themselves. With many models and styles available on the market, there is a tremendous choice of scooter and there is one to suit every budget.

With so many different types and models of mobility scooter on the market, it is important that the correct one is chosen for the individual. There is no point in buying a heavy duty four wheel drive model for a petit person who just wants to go to the shops 4 times a week and who will only use it in an urban area. Similarly, someone who lives in the country or even a hilly town would be better advised to select a more sturdy model which will be more suited to the rigours of the area. There are models with 3 or 4 wheels and you can also get scooters which are enclosed too. 3 wheeled models are better suited for use indoors and are perfect for getting around the shops. This might be the best model for the town based individual as the route to the shops will be paved or tarmacked with access points on and off pavements. These 3 wheeled scooters can carry weights of up to about 136 kilos and have useful and helpful features such as a swivel chair, on board charging, tyres that don’t go flat and a basket for your shopping.

Four wheeled scooters tend to be more heavy duty and will be able to cope with a heavier workload and uneven terrain. They are also more suited to larger individuals and those who require a longer range from each charge. These scooters also come as covered versions with either a lightweight moulded cover or a canvas style cover which is most useful for wet weather use.

There are now scooters which are lightweight and portable for those who need to transport their scooter in the boot of the family car or have little space at home for storage. This makes them ideal for those with a small home or who spend a lot of time with relatives and require something that is easy to transport with them. These scooters usually break down into four pieces of which the heaviest part weighs around 11 kilos and this makes for easy storage and transportation. These scooters will normally only have a top speed of around 4 mph but will give a good range on one charge.

Those who have mobility scooters say they don’t know what they did before they had one as it has enabled them to carry on enjoying an independent lifestyle. This has kept them young at heart and given them a very positive outlook on life. If you are considering a mobility scooter either for yourself or for a friend or relative, take into account what you plan to use the scooter for and how often you intend to use it. These things will help you make the best choice and allow you to discover new freedoms.

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