Modern Man – How to Meet Women Anywhere You Go

Wouldn’t it be so great to discover the secret of how to meet women everywhere you go? Just picture it: no matter if you are at the grocery store, a club, or just walking down the street; anytime you see an attractive woman “that something” happens and you bring a smile to her pretty face!

Are you ready for the big secret of how to meet women everywhere you go? Are you sure? Because if you’re not sure you’re life’s about to change anyway! Here’s the big secret: It is already happening. Women are everywhere, you just are not looking at the vast opportunities in the right manner.

The problem for most guys is that those vast opportunities are being wasted on self-doubts or what you’ve been lead to believe from television, erroneous self help books, friends that may be bitter about relationships or women in general, or even family that may have alterative motives. Another common stumbling block that makes many men doubt themselves is past relationships. Women can be cruel in their words upon a break up, especially if they felt scorned. If you heeded the words of women at times of bitter, downright, knock um out drag them away, battles it is no wonder you are double guessing yourself and not approaching golden opportunities. Shake that excess baggage off and hold your head up, throw your shoulders back and throw caution into the wind.

Another thing that keeps men from meeting women is mindset. If your mind is set on strictly the action you hope to achieve, you have already set your expectations too high. Bring them back down to reality. Too high of initial expectations that are bound to get shot down more often then not will lower your self esteem and cause self doubt.

Use your larger brain and work at making a connection outside of the bedroom first.

Next time you are out and about, remember this. You can control how the “shut downs” effect you. If you know the signals of a woman that is just not interested in you, you can easily end the attempt before you make a total fool of yourself causing once again, more self-doubt. Example: You are out (anywhere) and see a woman. You watch her body language and her initial body language is telling you there is some interest.

This could be as simple as repeated eye contact; however, remember that repeated eye contact can also mean she thinks you are stalking her and she is keeping an eye out as to your location and the other eye on a quick get away. However, it is a good enough signal to make the approach. You start off with simple conversation and if you see the woman looking around for an out or appearing disinterested, before she has a chance to shut you down you simply say something like, well it was great chatting with you, have a nice day and move on.

You walk away with your dignity and zero self-doubt. Face it, everyone has their own taste in what they are attracted to, you may have just not been her cup of tea but that doesn’t mean the next woman you approach won’t want to drink you up!