Modern Phones and Communication Skills

Even a small phone call can be the door to someone’s heart. Have you ever wondered how some people, despite the way they look or the social status they hold, create a good rapport with almost everyone they come across? The answer lies in their communication skills, even when they are talking over the phone.

Yes, it is very important to have and maintain good phone communication skills to make a mark on people. Not just for people who are into sales and marketing, it is important for all of us to speak nicely and with clarity if we want the listener to respect us and pay heed to what we want to say.

Even the modern day phones are also designed in such a way so that we can improve the way we communicate. Most of the features, that are provided in both home phones and office phones, help us stay in tune with a world where fast and effective communication is a must. Some of these features are answering machines, voice mail recorder, caller identity revealer etc.

While these features have become a must have for phones and they do lend a touch of professionalism in our communication skills, however it is important that we follow some basic rules while speaking or listening to messages.

Some rules that should be followed while listening to messages

While listening to messages on phone, you should clearly note down the name of your caller before going further. For this you should always keep a pen and notepad within easy reach. If you are unable to understand the name, ask again or ask for the spelling. Then before ending the call or right at the beginning, ask for the contact number on which the speaker is available.

Some rules that should be followed while speaking

Even a speaker has equal responsibility towards the clarity of message. At first you should give your name. Give the spelling of your name, especially if it is an uncommon name. If you are leaving a message on the voice mail, make sure you keep it concise yet complete. Speak slowly, especially if you have an accent.

Clarity is a must in communication, especially if it is done through Phones. With the help of the modern features that come with phones today ( office and home phones), and with clarity in your message, you can create a wonderful impression on your listeners, even if have not seen them in person.