Moksha The Celebration Concert in Delhi

If very good music makes you move then don’t miss this! The capital will rock to a sensational concert, Moksha! The style is fusion and the genre is rock when it comes to what lies in store. Rock music lovers are in for a double treat, for this is a single concert they can count on to hear ‘Indian Ocean’ and ‘Urbanz’ carry out live. It will be the clash of the musical titans.

Moksha is the best upcoming concerts in Delhi presents by Ayushman Production, Individuals are waiting for this concert from lengthy time. ‘Indian Ocean’ initial pioneered rock fusion music in India way back in 1990. The musical genius of Tuhin Chakravorty, Rahul Ram, Himanshu Joshi, Amit Kilam and Sushmit Sen led to forming the band, renowned recognized for its Indo-rock fusion with jazz spiced rhythms. Their music is infused with variegated influences of Sufism, revolution, environmentalism, mythology and even the sonorous chanting of shlokas.

Anticipate to hear an eclectic mix of numbers from 16/330 Khajoor Road, one of the 1st ever on the internet albums to tracks from Peepli Live, Gum Hai Aisa, Phere, Jogiya, Darte Ho, Bondhu, Shoonya, Chaand, Hulla and so forth. Jam freaks will really like Tandanu, an revolutionary effort at practice space jamming. They will also play numbers from their timeless albums like Desert Rain, Bhoomi, Yeh Mera India and so on.

‘Urbanz’ will give the audience some foot-stomping numbers at this reside functionality. Watch 22 year old ‘Saturday King’ Indeep Bakshi (so named following his hit Punjabi song Saturday Saturday) take music to newer heights! Get set to rock Bhangra style to his rendition of the funky Pehlan Te Kudi Ne Ludhiana Vi Na Tappeya Si, Tappeya Si… Kudi Saturday Saturday Kardi Rehndi Hai…

Also on-stage will be the popular rapper, dancer, actor and R &amp B singer, Aabhaas Anand greater known as ABazz. This Delhi boy’s journey into the world of music began at the age of 15, he worked on his skills, sang, produced music worked on music making software program. Listen to ABazz’s timeless tunes: a remix of Aa Gale Lag Jaa, Pehli Nazar Mein, A Bazz Infant, Chali Jaa and so on.

This evening of undiluted entertainment will be presented by Ayushman Productions

Date: Feb 09, 2013
Time: three:00 pm
Occasion duration: 6:00 hrs
Venue: Expo Centre
Expo Centre, A-11, Sec-62, Noida

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Stephen E. Flowers – Restoring the Indo-European Religion: Zoroastrianism, Germanic Paganism…

Stephen E. Flowers – Restoring the Indo-European Religion: Zoroastrianism, Germanic Paganism, & Rune Magic – Hour 1

Stephen Edred Flowers, also known by the pen-name Edred Thorsson, is an American Runologist and proponent of occultism, Germanic mysticism, Odinism, esoteric runosophy, Asatru, and Mazdaism. He is known for becoming instrumental in the early establishment of the Germanic Neopagan movement in North America and has been involved in Left-Hand Path organizations. Flowers has hundreds of published papers and more than three dozen books, which includes “The Very good Religion” and the forthcoming release, “Original Magic”. Flowers is at the moment director of the Woodharrow Institute of Germanic Research and the owner and operator of Runa-Raven Press.

Stephen starts by discussing his vision for rejuvenating the Indo-European way via a revival of nicely-founded Germanic traditions and the restoration of classic areas of study that are getting eliminated from academia. He explains the foundations of the Mazdan tradition and its ultimate goal of attaining happiness in the here and now, and he speaks to the importance of preserving the heroic myths that our ancestors would evoke to organize and motivate societies. We speak about the centuries-lengthy, coercive Christianization process that eroded away the ancient organic values of Indo-European folk-groups and flipped the true position of humanity on its head with the thought of original sin. Stephen highlights his understanding of the connection in between the formation of the Germanic religion and the Zoroastrian way, and he emphasizes how the absence of culturally conditioned pictures permitted various cultural spheres to develop according to a veneration for their own symbols, myths and rituals.

In the members’ segment, Flowers talks about ancient horse domestication and the profoundness of the fantastic myth of the American frontier. Then, Stephen explains the history of the Germanic writing program called the Runes and the connection amongst the theory of magic and the mystical study of runes. We go over rune magic, the use of artistic, mythical components in conveying messages, and the function of rune stones in immortalizing the dead and instilling motivation for group survival. We also touch on the application of runes in self-transformation, which Stephen says can be utilized to facilitate communications between one’s conscious and unconscious thoughts and in activating the spirit. In addition, Stephen offers recommendations for inspiring a sense of spirituality and goal via self-exploration and bonding with other like-minded folks in genuine life. At the finish, we take into account the Persian Empire’s function in spreading the Aryan traditions of neighborhood and rights for all living things.

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