Mole Removal Surgery – Various Types That You Should Analyze Before You Go For It

Copyright (c) 2010 Adam Rise

There are various types of mole removal surgery. You can have the mole removed with a punch biopsy, which is similar to a cylinder type device that removes the mole and leaves a slight, round, white scar. Mole removal surgery is usually done on an outpatient basis. You normally will get this option available in the office of your dermatologist, although many people who are getting moles removed for cosmetic reasons will go to a plastic surgeon.

If the moles is on your face and is obstructing your lifestyle, causing you irritation or looks unusual, then you may consider laser mole removal surgery. The other way to remove a mole involves lasers. If a mole has been identified to be not harmful and is intervening with someone’s life to the point where they want the mole removed, or if the moles is a typical and the dermatologist intends to remove the mole with the minimum scarring, they will remove it using laser mole removal surgery.

Mole removal surgery is not painful and if you opt for laser removal, it will leave a minimal scar. Someone who has a mole that looks atypical does not necessarily have skin cancer, but the doctor may suggest removing the mole before it can turn into skin cancer. It normally takes several years for skin cancer to formulate in a mole. If a doctor recommend mole removal surgery, you ought to question about your options.

If the mole is in an area which is not detectable, you can select the simple punch biopsy surgery. This is easy and relatively painless. It takes roughly around 10 minutes and is executed right in the office of the dermatologist and costs must less than laser mole removal surgery.

If the mole is on your face and is impeding your lifestyle, causing you discomfort or looks a typical, then you may choose laser mole removal surgery. This generally costs more and, in some cases, you may be referred to a plastic surgeon who will remove the mole using lasers. It leaves less of a scar. Many people who are born with large moles in areas that are noticeable will want to get these moles removed through laser mole removal surgery. In many cases, insurance will cover part of the mole removal.

Just about everyone has moles. Most of them are harmless, but as we get older, any change in these moles will be observed. The American Cancer Society suggests that we have our skin examined for suspicious moles beginning at the age of 30. Skin cancer is one of the few cancers that is on the rise and is no longer just affecting elderly people.