Monavie – the best Acai Berry Juice Provider?

First introduced in January, 2005, Monavie was known as a scientifically formulated nutritional product which provides you with specific nutritional ocntents designed for a healthy and active lifestyle.

The Acai berry is found in the Brazilian Rainforest along the Amazon River basin, and has been found to be one of the most nutritional foods in the world. The fruit of this special palm tree is blended in Monavie, which was one of the original Acai berry products for health and nutrition.


Monavie is sold in the United States, as well as Canada, Australia, Japan, Singapore, New Zealand and Brazil and is expanding globally to other countries. Taking a Balance-Variety-Moderation approach to nutrition is the way MonaVie promotes their products, such as MonaVie Active, for joint health and Monavie Pulse for the cardiovascular system.


Besides the nutritional Acai berry, MonaVie’s blend contains 18 other healthy foods, such as blueberries, pomegranate, camu camu fruit, acerola and others. Mona Vie delivers a delicious and nutritious health beverage that uses the synergistic blend of the most nutritional fruits that contain antioxidants, amino and omega fatty acids, vitamins and minerals.


Designed for easy absorption, 2-4 ounces per day is all you need of Monavie to get the recommended dosage of the exclusive freeze dried processing of the fruit, which has a higher ORAC score than any other fruit or vegetable tested so far.


The freeze drying assures that the nutrients are kept in the freeze dried powder used to make the blend of MonaVie products, giving you the highest dosage of antioxidants in a quickly absorbed formula.


MonaVie has a network of independent distributors that market the product with one of the highest compensation programs in multi level marketing. There are 8 ways to earn commission and 50% is paid out through commissions. They encourage an entrepreneurial opportunity that is built on relationship marketing and product sales.


Because Monavie has developed a loyal following of consumers that use the products and believe in the value of them when it comes to nutrition, weight loss, anti-aging and an energy boost, the company has continued to grow and thrive even though there are more competitors marketing the benefits of the Acai berry.


MonaVie has their own scientific advisory board that is comprised of three well-known nutritional physicians, which advise on the nutritional content and formula improvements tokeep the products a top-seller in this industry.


If you haven’t heard of these products, chances are that you will eventually run across somebody that has tried them and is happy with the results. I had a friend that claimed the products helped with her depression and she was able to stop taking her prescription anti-depressant medication, after consulting with her doctor, following the first month of taking MonaVie daily.


I personally tried some Mona Vie, and you immediately feel a sense of something different, that makes you feel more satisfied and have more energy. The products continue to sell good and are reasonably priced. Monavie is a good line of products to try if you believe in the health benefits of the Acai berry, and want to feel better, healthier and more energetic.