Money Comes Your Way When You Take These Five Action Steps

Here are Five Action Steps to release lack and fear about money and get money to start flowing your way.

Step 1.) Stop watching the news. The news is negative. The news is designed to rope you in so you’ll keep watching and they can sell beer, pharmaceuticals and whatever else. The mind, your mind, everybody’s mind, eats negativity for dinner. Your mind gobbles up negativity and can’t get enough of it. The news people know that. They cook up all the negativity they can to keep you glued to the tube. Stop watching the news.

Step 2.) Stop talking about it. Stop talking about the money and financial news. How does it help you to talk about it all the time? It makes you more nervous, more scared and the feeling of lack grows with all that talk. The more you talk about it, the more it’s on your mind. The law of attraction is whatever you have on your mind all the time, that’s what you get. Stop talking about it.

Step 3.) Stop being negative. Woe is me is negative. Woe is we is negative. Watch what you are saying all day long. If only I had taken my money out of the market. If only I had put my money in the market. Regretting is negative. Complaining is negative. Doubting is negative. Watch yourself all day. End those negative habits of talk and thought.

Step 4.) Get Bigger.You think all this negative news, money news, fear news, lack news, you think it’s all bigger than you. Check. You think it’s bigger than you, don’t you? Get bigger than all of that! Get BIGGER than the lack, the fear, the news, the noise coming out of your mind. Get bigger. Get MUCH BIGGER than all of that.

Step 5.) Make a Decision. Negative attracts negative and positive attracts positive. That’s the law of the universe. Each moment you have a decision to make. I am going to be positive, I am going to be negative. It is a decision. Decide to be positive in spite of whatever is going on. You decide. I am going to be positive in spite of what my mind is saying. I am going to be bigger than all the garbage out there and I am going to be positive in spite of whatever is happening. It’s a decision. Decide. Take the Five Action Steps and money will flow your way.