Monkey Plush Toy

When it comes to fun, a monkey plush toy is one stuffed animal that fits the bill rather nicely. Monkey plush toys can be purchased in any number of sizes and species and given some of them even have arms and legs that can be manipulated so as to be able to sit, swing, and grasp things, you will be hard-pressed to find another plush toy that is quite so enjoyable.

Monkeys are medium-sized members of the primate family which also includes baboons, tamarins, marmosets, macaques, guenons, and capuchins. They are members of what are known as two of three groups of simian primates: New World and Old World monkeys which are comprised of 264 species. Contrary to popular belief, apes and chimpanzees are not monkeys at all even though they have similar physical characteristics to monkeys.

There are some distinct features which set New World and Old World monkeys apart; many New World monkeys have a tail that has been adapted for grasping (called prehensile) and holding. The underside of their tails are ridged and flexible giving them the ability to pick something as small as peanut up or grab onto a tree branch. Old World monkey’s, on the other hand, do not have prehensile tails but like the New World species, they can use their hands and feet to hold on to things. The facial features between the two groups are also quite different although they do share some of the same features; New World monkeys have round nostrils that are set far apart while Old World monkeys have small curved nostrils that are set close together. New World monkeys do not have cheek pouches while Old World monkeys do they use them to stuff food into so they can run and chew the food later. New World monkeys do not have sitting pads on their rumps, while some species of Old World monkeys do.

Monkeys in general are quite diverse with size ranges of 5-6 inches the Pygmy Marmoset to heights of 3 feet such as found in the male Mandrill. There are some species of monkey which spend all of their time in the trees while still other live in grasslands and flat savannas. Most species of monkey feed on leaves, fruit, berries, nuts, insects, and eggs while some also eat smaller animals. New World monkeys spider monkeys, howler monkeys, squirrel monkeys – can be found living in Mexico and Central and South America while Old World monkeys baboons, macaques, guenons – make their homes in Africa, central to southern Asia, India, and Japan. While Marmoset and tamarin monkeys also live in the New World, they are part of a different scientific group.

Playtime doesn’t get much better than when it’s with a monkey plush toy. With a monkey plush toy puppet, for example, even more imaginative play can be elicited especially since the monkey can develop its own character alongside the child. Given young children are fascinated by surprise, it’s not too difficult to evoke a smile, giggle, gasp, and even a chuckle when a monkey plush toy comes on the scene. BOLA TANGKAS