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History of old Beijing have been popular in a time of old toys, most of the times has been submerged in the torrent of change, only the older people’s memory occasionally emerge, revealing star spots stream flash color. Monkeys , Beijing folk Traditional Toys One representative, had in mind when, it is the hands of common things kids and interesting “stuff used.” Now in the full video Game And high-tech sound and light toy world of children, it’s survival of the state and future fate how will it? This old toy with strong curiosity, recently, HC Network toys toys Channel interview with Beijing Association, Beijing Folk Literature and Art Association, monkeys production technology division, a new generation of monkeys making process leading class people?? In light army .

Beijing Toy Association, Beijing Folk Arts Association, member of monkeys making process in light army division

HC Network: When did you come into contact with monkeys this process, and begin to make monkeys of?

In light military: Is a chance, 86 years time, friendship, arts and crafts store has a counter, and once I pick up goods, it is the first time I saw monkeys this stuff?? At that time I did not know it was the old Cao ( Cao Miriam Jane ) Works. Chinese New Year a year later, our Beijing Folk Literature and Art Association to Cao home New Year, talk to him since then things Cao old said: “That is what I do, that when I get old and be there (the Friendship Store), they sell are the things I do. “is from that time on, I began to start the monkeys, because I have work to go to work every day, we can only find time to do some, so not a lot of early work.

HC Network: You have become well known in monkeys produced a factor?
In light military: No. I like monkeys do, because I like art itself, what antique collection of paintings is also very like it, I’ve learned Gongbi. Arts are connected, as I do these scenes, usually their own ideas of design, which figure in the shape, with the layout of the density of the composition with a certain degree of correlation painting, but painting is flat, these scenes is a three-dimensional.

HC Network: Your works are of such large-scale scene it?
In light military: There are also small, generally participate in some exhibition, I will do some small work, one easy to carry, and second, the price is cheaper for the consumer, can be sold as a commodity, such as associations charity events, These are basically small-scale work. Large-scale works are generally fine, their stay hidden, do not get on the market.

HC Network: There is of Jiangsu artist to do a set of monkeys Olympics Theme monkeys scene, carefully observe the works of your monkeys are basically reflect the theme of old Beijing folk, contemporary themes did you work?

In light military: I do not mean to abandon the predecessors of a set of static, but can not summarily reject the past, the modern subject I now also slowly introduced, but there should be a gradual process. Modern themes of which I’m not saying do not, but so far has no plans to do, the main problem is the idea. For me personally, or tends to do the work of traditional themes, so that monkeys play computer, play Games , I feel as a child pushed past hoop, Tiaopi Jin subjects attractive. BOLA TANGKAS