Most Decadent and Luxurious Countries

If you’re setting out to enjoy the millionaire lifestyle, you’ll find a number of cities and destinations serving up slices of paradise. From the Caribbean to Thailand, you can relax in a private beach, dine with celebrity chefs or set out to sea on your private yacht. These countries don’t only cater to the casual visitor; for many residents, the lavish lifestyle is just a way of life. When it’s time to enjoy the royal treatment for that next getaway, consider jetting off to any of these decadent and luxurious countries:

United Arab Emirates – Dubai

Home to luxurious villas and exotic hotels, the world flocks to Dubai for the star treatment. Luxury hotels and resorts in the area offer enchanting spaces lavishly decorated with Middle Eastern decor. From the Raffles Dubai property to the 5-star JW Marriott Hotel, there are plenty of places to live like royalty. Residents of the city are treated to upscale shopping centers such as Al Reef Mall and BurJuman Centre and fine dining venues scattered throughout the city.

Caribbean – St. Lucia

If you’re yearning for a tropical getaway that promises the royal treatment, take in the sunny shores and turquoise waters of the Caribbean while exploring the decadent city of St. Lucia. It’s a vacationer’s paradise, an island that promises sunshine year round and beautiful views of the hills and island sites. It’s become a popular destination for honeymooners and wedding parties, but residents here are living in the lap of luxury with easy access to yacht clubs, running and hiking trails, and world-class spas and restaurants throughout the island.

United Kingdom – Knightsbridge

Make your way to central London for the loft style apartments, modern conveniences and amenities that cater to the luxury lifestyle. The exclusive district of Knightsbridge offers a glimpse at historic London and is home of some of the world’s richest people. It’s also home to upscale stores and boutiques including the world-famous Harrods department store, Chanel and the Harvey Nichols store. This part of the city attracts world-renown designers and artists, and is also home to some of the chicest clubs, bars and restaurants in the country.

Italy – Florence

Hailed for its scenic views and historical sites, Italy continues to attract romantics from around the globe. Florence filled with luxurious hotels and sites that speak to the royal empires of an era gone by; the Villa San Michele is one of several venues surrounded by picture-perfect gardens and nestled in historic grounds. It’s considered to be an ‘oasis of peace’ that will give you a chance to take in all the best of Florence and the sites around Tuscany. The venue features its own Cookery School and farmhouse so you can learn about the region. Florence is also home to the majestic Il Duomo cathedral and beautiful Boboli Gardens.

France – Paris

Home to some of the world’s most luxurious apartments and estates, France continues to be a destination of choice for the rich and famous. Paris is the place to enjoy the jet set lifestyle while staying in chateaus and apartments with views of the Eiffel Tower and other historic sites; visitors and residents alike can walk to several designer fashion houses, boutique stores and upscale restaurants to take in the Parisian culture. It’s the country to be a VIP and indulge in the finer things of life. Manor houses, chateaux and deluxe apartments inside historic hotels are some of the most desirable living options in the area; if you want to enjoy the Parisian lifestyle, enjoy your stay at venues such as the Loft Lachaise, Saint Cloud or the prestigious chateaus along the Seine River.


Home to some of the world’s most ancient sites and palace-like historical venues, Thailand is reveling in luxury. You can spend your time visiting the world-class resorts and spas, dining at upscale restaurants, and enjoying picturesque views of the city with a helicopter ride. This is also the country to explore via gondola; head to the city center to see the sights and sounds of the area from a fresh new perspective.


Another place to set your sights for a luxury experience in the Far East is Singapore. Here you’ll find dozens of tourist attractions and restored historical sites, and a unique urban atmosphere. Singapore’s luxury destinations and venues include exotic spas and resorts, upscale hotels and restaurants serving up exotic flavors from across the region. Whether you’re heading here for business or leisure, Singapore offers plenty of opportunities for luxury spending.

Hong Kong

Make your way to legendary hotels, resorts and spas on the beautiful peninsula and take in some of the most beautiful views in the world. Hong Kong is a buzzing commercial metropolis, but always caters to the luxury traveler. From the Four Season Hotel on Finance Street to the Mandarin Oriental Hotel overlooking the glittering Victoria Harbour, you’ll find it easy to bask in the royal treatment in this exotic city.

Greece – Athens

Head to Athens for the traditional cultures and lavish lifestyles of the Greeks and Romans. Many of the bathhouses, spas and luxurious gardens are still in existence and open to the public. Take a tour of the lavish grounds or head out on a city tour to take in some of the historical sites and classic architectural styles. Greece is also home to a number of luxury hotels and restaurants for your five-star experience in Europe.

India – New Delhi

The palaces of India cater to the global traveler looking for upscale amenities and the best that the country has to offer. New Delhi is where you’ll find many Western influences, and a number of spas, resorts, and upscale restaurants to suit your tastes. Spend your time golfing in the hot Indian sun, taking a yacht out on the ocean, or just settling in for a gourmet meal at a five-star restaurant in the city. India’s regal influences are prevalent throughout the country, giving every globe-trotting visitor the chance to take in the magnificent architecture, sites and venues.