Most Effective Face Masks To Use At Home

Natural face masks are not so difficult to be made but searching for those that can really make a difference is sometimes one difficult task, thus this article will highlight four 100% natural and easy to make at home facial masks. Most of them have been tried by hundreds of people with fantastic results so they could be of real help if you search for some natural treatments. Here are these two natural homemade face masks below:

1.Face mask with egg

Separate the egg whites and place them in two separate containers. Mix with a fork until foaming. Always use a mask on your clean face, so best is to clear your skin before applying it. Use your fingertips to apply the egg whites (no problem if you did not use it all), however as a caution, try not to touch your eyes with the foam. After you have finished spreading the entire mask on your face, wait about 5 minutes until it strengthens on your face. You will know its ready when you will have difficulties in smiling or talking. Rinse with cold water then repeat the procedure after 5-10 minutes with egg yolk. Finally, rinse well and then for 3 hours do not apply anything else on your face. You will notice your skin is lighter and more velvety to the touch, like a rose petal. Use this mask once a week.

2.Mask with almond oil

As above, you should clean your skin before using a facial mask with almond oil. Apply the oil (usually found in small bottles at different shops, online and offline) all over your face (again, try to protect your eyes). Dip a 100% cotton cloth in warm water (almost hot water), squeeze it well and place it on your face, gently going on cheeks and forehead. The process should be repeated until the cloth is getting cold, like for 5 minutes. The next step is to wait until oil is fully absorbed into the skin, no need to rinse with water after this. Wait a few hours until using any makeup kits. This is very effective in treating wrinkles caused by aging or over-exposure to the sun rays. It is recommended to use these almond oil homemade face masks three times a week in the evening, before bedtime (great before bedtime while you will never worry that you should not apply any makeup after that.