Most prestigious international organizations in Geneva

As one of the most internationally diverse Cities, Geneva is the Capital City of Switzerland. Switzerland is home to different kinds of international organizations. In essence, 23 of these international organizations and about 250 of the non-governmental organizations have their headquarters in Geneva. Some of the most prestigious ones include the following:

The United Nation in Geneva is located in the Palais de Nations Building. It has a number of constituent agencies also based in the City. Apart from the administration of the UN, the UNOG hosts different offices that deal with different types of program and funds. It also works in the office spaces as provided by the Swiss Government.

Established in 1954, The European Organization for Nuclear research is located near the border of France ad Switzerland. With over 20 European states as members, CERN is the largest laboratory that deals with particle physics. Its focus is on the research that deals with high energy physics and particle accelerators. The interesting thing about this international organization is that, its sites are neither under the French or Swiss Jurisdiction.

With the responsibility of supervising and liberalizing the international Trade, the World Trade Organization was established in 1995 and it is located at the Center William Rappard. The organization deals with different aspects of international trade such as its regulation between participating countries and resolution to ensure that each member country adheres to the different WTO agreements.

The International Committee of the Red Cross is located in this City. It has the mandate of protecting the victims of international and internal conflicts. It is a part of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement as well as the International federation and National Societies. It has won three Nobel Peace Prizes as a sign of recognition of their work.

Founded in 1947, The International Standards Organization (ISO) is composed of different national standards organizations and is responsible for promulgation of the standards in industrial and commercial areas. It sets standards that are adopted into law by most of its members.

Other organizations include the International Air and Transport Association, the Airports Council International, World Anti-doping Agencies, World council of Churches, World Organization of the Scout Movement, World Heart Federation, World Economic Forum and World Business Council for Sustainable development among others.

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