Most Strangely Colored Animals on Earth

There are millions of species on our planet and many of them can change their color. Color is the most magnificent visualization of creations in the world. Animals change their color and camouflage themselves in order to fight against the fear, warn predators and catch the eyes of other members in their species. Sometimes, animals change their color due to it mood as well as its heath. Some animals also look very different with strange colors, but because they have to suffer from a surgeon or they are made up by their owners. Let’s have a look at the photos below to see how some animals change their color.

This first orange alligator in the world was discovered by Sylvia Mythen, a 70-year-old woman from Venice, Florida.


According to an expert from Florida Fish and Wildlife, the orange color in this alligator might be from some environmental elements.

The body skin color of this lizard is not very different from Spiderman. Males can change their color at night or if they are frightened. They even can run on their hind legs and scale vertical walls like spiders.

These small and colorful sea snails live on soft corals in the Caribbean. This is the only ocean animal that can change its color in fright.

The Mandarin Duck look similar to a colorful bird. It appears with a red bill, large white crescent above the eye and reddish face.

This frog is a neo-tropical toad which is regarded as critically endangered. The species live mostly in Costa Rica and Panama

At first glance, people say that this is a strange animal. However, it is actually a purple polar bear.


The polar bear named Pelusa at the Mendoza City Zoo in Argentina has purple fur after experiencing a special treatment.

These colorful pigs have been tattooed since the 1990s by Wim Delvoye. A project to tattoo pigs like these was found in the Art Farm in China in the early 21st century.

Pink katydid is mostly live in untropical places such as Osaka and the American Midwest. The genetic condition erythrism is considered as the cause of katydid’s unusual color

This veiled chameleon is found in Yemen and Saudi Arabia. It changes color depending on its mood, heath, and its temperature.

You are definitely wondering if this is a panda or a dog. It is a dog named Colombo. Colombo has appearance like a cuddly endangered Panda Bear because he was made up with puppy safe hair dye



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