Most stylist moms and kids in Hollywood

Despite appearing on the streets, in the parks, or anywhere, they all attract lots of people’s attention. You can easily realize who they are due to their beauty and fashion style. However, they are not only charming actresses but stylist moms as well. Let’s discover most stylist moms and their kids in the Hollywood.


Jessica Alba and daughter Honor Marie


Jessica Alba creates a distinguished style for her daughter with beautiful hair accessories. That’s why Honor Marie always looks cute when appearing with her famous and charming mother.


Katie Holme and daughter Suri


Katie Holme is willing to spend much money on buying stylist and beautiful clothes for her daughter. That’s why Katie Holme and her daughter Suri’s appearance always attract the eye public.


Gwen Stafani and son Kingston


Gwen Stafani often takes care of her son from the hair to clothes. With T-shirt and jeans, Kingston looks strong and hip-hop styled.


Reese Witherspoon and son Deacon


Opened style is the popular choice of American mother – Reese Witherspoon and her son, which showed clearly through their mixture of clothes when they go out together.


Gwyneth Paltrow and kids Apple – Moses


In spite of being busy, Gwyneth Paltrow tries to play with her kids. Her caring about her children’s clothes also shows that she is not frigid with her kids as many people think.


Kate Hudson and son Ryder


Caring and playing with Ryder, her son and her pride, is Kate Hudson’s happiness. Although appearing anywhere, she always concerns about her son’s fashion style.


Angelina Jolie and her kids


Angelina Jolie is not only a beautiful actress with her charming style but an attractive mother with her kids as well. She always chooses the best clothes for her children when they go out.


Madonna and daughter Lourdes


Interestingly, Madonna and her daughter Lourdes always appear together in same style. Like her mother, Lourdes shows her impressive style.


Victoria Beckham and her sons


Both Vic and her sons usually change their fashion style when appearing in the public. If Victoria often wears bags which come from famous brands, her sons also are outstanding with colorful shirts.


Jenifer Garner and daughter Violet


Simple is perfect. This style is really true with the combination of clothes of Jenifer Garner and her daughter Violet. They look impressive in the mixture of color and accessory.


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