Mothers, There’s Money Out There To Go Back To School

Since its major collapse the American financial system has been weak with only a few signs of improvement. Recent reports indicate that a large number of unemployed workers will remain without work for months to come. Even recent graduates with plenty of education and ambition have found it difficult to get hired. These bad environments could linger for a long time according to some analysts.

Creating opportunity in certain areas and easing some financial burdens can help improve the outlook. Providing opportunity for more people to own their home is just one way Congress and President Obama have tried to help citizens and the flailing housing market. Education has also been a major focus. There has been serious action taken to ensure that college loans aren’t detrimental to students and to provide more scholarship opportunity. President Obama’s Scholarships for Moms program is as straightforward as it sounds and hopefully as effective. Moms play crucial roles in the lives of their children so it’s a no-brainer to provide education opportunities for them to care for their families.

Obama scholarships for mothers are made possible by federal Pell Grants. The Pell Grant maximum award is a substantial $ 5,000. Low income students, particularly working and stay-at-home mothers can use this money to pay for any of their education needs. There are expected expenses like tuition and books, but for mothers childcare is also important which is why it can be covered as well. The grant also allows for flexibility in choosing a school. Of course colleges and universities are valid school options, but there are also some opportunities for online courses.

All federal student aid is determined by the results of the FAFSA, or Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Going online to fill out that form is the first step to receive any potential grants. The FAFSA site can instruct you how to fill out that form as well as direct you to other potential sources of financial aid. You may even find other tax credits or scholarships that you didnt know about. Its also a good idea to talk with the financial aid office of the school youre considering.

Part of having a strong foundation for education is making sure there are many financial aid opportunities for students. Education is key to help moms of all types succeed and strengthen their families. As great as scholarships for moms could be for businesses, there is even greater impact on families. One key to the future is to provide educational opportunities and to gain knowledge now. BOLA TANGKAS