Motivational Sayings and the Inner You

Where does your motivation come from? Do you have an “on demand” source of powerful inspiration any time you need it?

Profoundly Motivational or Fizzling Out

Motivational sayings sometimes reach down and touch us in a deep and seemingly profound way. When the moment is right and the emotions are ready, the right saying can create an immediate and positive response. It seems to change us right on the spot! Then, something happens. Life happens. Distractions, mood changers … so many outside influences derail us almost before our chosen journey begins.

Should we give them up? Are these inspirational phrases without value? Don’t toss them in the circular file just yet. Hear me out.

What “They” Say … and the Power You Give It

Sticks and stones, may break my bones but …. Now, if words can never hurt you, as the saying goes, how could they possibly help? The truth is, we are hurt by words constantly. But, it’s neither the words nor the messenger that we really have to worry about. It’s the value or importance our conscious mind gives it.

While one person dismisses negative assaults, others stew, analyze, and nurture this negativity, often habitually, until it sinks in and becomes their belief system. And belief systems are extremely difficult to uproot and replace. They’re powerful!

Your Central Processing Unit

We’re all equipped with a central processor (our subconscious mind) that works by default unless we alter its operation willfully or emotionally. And if it continues to operate on its own, in its routine way, its ability to rule our lives is reinforced.

Of course, this can be good or bad. Or, I should say either wanted or unwanted because our subconscious doesn’t judge things as good or bad, it just does its job. That’s the beauty of it. It works, reliably. And once we understand this, we can begin to reprogram it to work for the things we want, rather than the things we don’t want.

That’s where the motivational phrases come in. Most of us have deep-seeded beliefs that we want to root out and replace. But, can these phrases really do the trick?

Emotion That Digs Deep

Motivational sayings that stir us have power. They grab our attention and open our conscious minds. Unfortunately, they usually don’t have enough power to override the default settings of our central processor.

To really make a difference, motivational phrases need to touch us often and on many levels. They need to provide us with visual pictures, word associations, and even be supported by bodily movements to really stir our emotions. It’s the emotion that matters. Emotion has the power to dig deep and effect lasting change.

Emotion is fickle, however. While some emotional sayings energize and inspire us every time, you often need new ones to create that deep emotional impact.

Carving the Groove That Lasts

Just like a skilled operator and a backhoe can dig a deep trench, a disciplined conscious mind and motivational phrases can carve a deep groove in the subconscious mind. That groove represents a new habit that supports your mission. With emotion and repetition, motivational sayings will carve that groove.

What’s Your Pot of Gold

One final tip. You must know where your groove is taking you! Emotion is born of a clear wanting. What is it you’re after? You must know your mission. Goals and desires are subjects for another time, but if you don’t know where you’re going, emotion will come and go.

Know your personal pot of gold and motivational sayings will provide enough inspiration so that repetition will groove your subconscious, sustain your enthusiasm, and bring you success.

With practice, you can motivate yourself on demand!