Motor Car Safety Regulation

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The abundance of motor autos on roads in the United States, considering that the beginning of the twentieth century has brought with it numerous positive aspects as well as some obstacles, the most significant of which is the problem of motor car safety and road accident fatalities. Injuries and fatalities related to motor cars has lead to widespread demonization, forcing each federal and state governments into action.

The largest turning point in the regulatory and legislative therapy of road security at a federal level came about in 1966 when two main pieces of legislation have been enacted. The 1st of these was the Motor Automobile Security Reality which for the first time called for the imposition of safety requirements on motor autos and associated equipment, whereas prior legislative efforts focused mostly on human factors associated to motor car safety such as fatigue and intoxication. Cars have been built that included safety associated products such as: seatbelts, headrests, power absorbing steering wheels and non-shatter windshields.

The Highway Safety Act of 1966 permitted for the development of a substantial highway safety plan as effectively as the redesign of roads and highways to maximize security . Furthermore, in 1967, the National Highway Safety Bureau issued the responsibility of adopting mandatory highway safety applications on to the states, which involved driver licensing, driver education, alcohol consumption connected measures and a number of other spheres. The Highway Security Act of 1970 lead to the establishment of the National Highway Safety Administration. This new physique was tasked mainly with the reduction of death, injuries and economic losses related to motor vehicle accidents.

A number of states of the federation, have themselves formulated mechanisms and laws to support enhance motor automobile security. In the state of California, motor car safety is governed by a set of laws and regulations developed below the administrative authority of the California Division of Motor Cars (DMV). These laws and regulations encompass numerous various aspect related to motor automobile security, ranging from seatbelt laws, kid occupant particular laws, cell phone laws and numerous other folks, which are enforced by the law enforcement authorities.

The principal intention of the laws, enacted in the name of motor car safety was to firstly avoid accidents from occurring and secondly to lessen the influence of accidents. The intended effect on public health solutions was to reduce the amount of accidents, by way of numerous implies, which include spreading awareness of secure driving methods through media campaigns, visits to schools and compulsory driver education. Yet another preventative element within these laws involved codes related to driving in an intoxicated state, which was criminalized altogether. The lessening or prevention of injury was produced feasible via comprehensive security laws that targeted both the driver and auto manufacturers. It was created compulsory for the driver to wear seatbelts and arrange acceptable measures for vulnerable occupants such as youngsters and automobile manufacturers were compelled to give safety gear such as seatbelts and airbags even though designing automobiles in such a way that took into consideration the security demands of the traveler. The usage of statistic compiled by National information systems such as the National Important Statistics system has also been instrumental in identifying main causes of road accidents, a prime example of 1 getting alcohol consumption.

I am firmly of the opinion that the involvement of state and federal authorities in motor car security regulation is a necessity. To commence with, state and federal governments are the only bodies that have the essential amount of authority to implement needed measures that are essential for motor car security. Secondly, a plethora of statistics compiled shows a direct decline in road associated accidents deaths and injuries, following the enactment of the two above described acts in 1966. According to the Journal of the American Health-related Association, six times as a lot of men and women drive as they did in 1925, even though there are eleven instances as numerous autos. Maintaining this in mind, the price of fatalities brought on by road accidents in 1925 was 18 per 1 hundred million, whilst in 1997 it was recorded as 1.7 per a single hundred million. Moreover, annual alcohol associated crashes have decreased by 39% considering that 1982, whilst fatality rates for young motor automobile drivers have decreased by 27%. Pedestrian fatality rates have also decreased by 41%.

Consequently, it is crucial that both the Federal and State governments continue their policy of active involvement with the issue of motor automobile safety. Their track record, represents excellent successes, by way of not only regulatory and legislative efforts but also by way of the in depth usage of public &amp private partnerships to impact awareness and education. Their continued involvement is necessary, in order to face many new challenges that the twenty-very first century brings, which involves conducting analysis into the trigger of nonfatal disabling injuries in a bid to formulate preventative measures (Journal of the American Healthcare Association, 1999).
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