Motorized Scooter – Pick the Best Motorized Scooter For You

If you have been looking at buying a motorized scooter and trying to decide which one would be right for you, then there are two main questions you need to answer:

1. Is it for leisure or for commuting to and from work?

2. How far will you be traveling?

When faced with the many different models of electric scooters, these questions will help you decide which one is right for you. Everything else depends on other factors like your journey and your preferences.

Electric scooters come in two types: Stand up and Sit down.

Average range is about 8 miles but this does depend on the terrain, weight of the passenger, strength of wind etc. Personally I’d go for the 350 watt electric motor scooters or above, as they have more power.

Important Points to remember about Motorized Scooters:

Fun Personal electric vehicles are great fun! You’ll get lots of positive attention, and lots of questions from passers-by.

Quiet Most electric scooters are nearly silent in operation, in fact most of the noise comes from the tyres moving on the road surface!

Clean No fumes, no smoke, no gas. You stay clean and so does the air around you. The batteries are good for several years and are 100% recyclable.

Reliable Electric scooters have far fewer moving parts than comparable fuel powered vehicles. Less moving parts = less to breakdown.

Efficient Operating costs for electric scooters are about 0.05% of the cost of operating comparable fuel powered vehicles.

Components All electric vehicles share common components. All have a battery or battery assembly, a motor, and electronic controllers to link them. The quality of these components will, in large part, determine the performance, durability, and reliability of the vehicle. In addition, these components must be matched to each other.

Before you buy your motorized scooter it’s always best to check out a review site to prevent you from making any costly mistakes.