Mouth Ulcers – Their Symptoms and Remedies

Mouth ulcers are very common and recent research has indicated around one in five of us contracts the condition at any one time. Ordinarily, they will disappear of their own accord within a week or so and akin to common common health conditions there are a number of old wives tales connected with them. The most common is of course the direct correlation between telling lies and contracting a mouth ulcer, there may be some truth in this tale given that stress is a common contributor to mouth ulcers.

Historic remedies predominantly consist of placing salt onto the ulcer which of course initially hurts, although a warm salty mouth wash is still used today to help alleviate the pain of ulcers.

In the majority of cases mouth ulcers are a minor condition which can be treated at home. However, in a small amount of cases should you have an ulcer which persists for more than three weeks you may wish to consult your doctor or dental practitioner to assess the condition given in some cases it can be connected to mouth cancers. If you find yourself consistently suffering from repeated attacks of mouth ulcers you should also consult your doctor given anaemia and other medical conditions can be associated with them, inflammatory bowel disease is a good example.

Although you cannot cure mouth ulcers outright there are a few tips you can adopt to ensure you do not suffer repeated episodes and also, speed up the healing process. If you smoke, you may wish to consider cutting down or even stopping altogether given smokers appear to suffer with mouth ulcers far more frequently than others who do not. Pay particular attention to your dental hygiene routines and use good quality mouthwashes to help fight the bacteria in your mouth. To help ease the pain of mouth ulcers proprietary gels can be applied to the ulcer itself to help ease and alleviate the pain. These can be obtained over the counter from your local pharmacy.

Some sufferers have suggested the use of steroid lozenges at the point of the ulcer within the mouth also helping to relieve pain. A natural good pain relief food which promotes healing properties in the mouth, is liquorice.