Movement Spreads Quickly as a “Good Virus”

In San Juan the life lapses calm and serene among the luminous beauty of the mountains and the silent dignity of the Andean poverty.

The climate is excellent, the pure air and the intensely blue sky. There, doña Rosario Ravines lived and served throughout her 90 years old to the poorest people in her town. One day, doña Rosario was visited by some old and abandoned husbands. She gave them the only thing that she had, some potatoes.

When she returned from the kitchen she found a moving scene, the old men were on knees, praying and thanking to God with tears in the eyes. Hours later a cheerful and smiling young arrived to the house saying : dear aunt, I am bringing you these recently harvested potatoes, – some ten pounds more than what she gave -.

In that moment the “Miracle of Sharing” was born : “give without hoping to receive and receive more than what was given” and there the “World Movement of Direct Help to the Poor” was also born. To join to the Movement is very easy. You should only formulate the following promise and keep it

————————————————————————————————- Starting from today, I PROMISE you, my GOD, that once a month,every month, every year, all my life, I will leave the street and I will give some bread, a charity, or something useful to the first poor person that I find in my way” ————————————————————————————————-

If millions give something every month,- millions, – poorer than us -, will receive something,every month. That is the essence of the Movement : GIVE. and share with the poorest To preach with the example the website of the movement,, shares freely some topics of interest like ” Cancer Cure Formula Revealed “, “Fibromyalgia: I Myself Was Treated”, “Enlarged Prostate Natural Treatment ” Impotence Alternative Treatment” and other themes more.

In addition it is in construction the “World Bank of Free Business Ideas” – If you have a good business idea, send it and share it with the other ones. Remember, there is more happiness in giving than in receiving.

If the life has given you something good, it is time of sharing a little bit with the other ones. Join to the Movement and spread it as a “good virus of solidarity” The “Miracle of Sharing” is a non profit organization founded by the Peruvian journalist Luis Quiroz Ravines. http:


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