Movie Lover’s Night and Gifts

Hey all you movie lovers! Here is a cool idea that was sparked from my Creative Cook’s Kitchen recipe books. They call it the Movie Lover’s Snack Pack but I’m changing it up a little bit. They turn the popcorn into a sweet snack mix; however, I don’t like sweet popcorn so I’ll stick with traditional buttery movie popcorn.

My family likes to have movie night on the weekends. Now my 4 yr old wants to do it everyday! We start early since our kids are so young and we let them pick a movie first and after their movie we put them to bed and watch our movie. I think I’ll be implementing this new idea for family movie night making it more interactive and a learning experience for the kids as well as a memorable fun time; a tradition so to speak.

We all love convenience and microwave popcorn is certainly a convenience we have grown to love BUT make it even more fun and pop the corn on the stove….you know the way our parent’s did it when we were kids. If you don’t want to go totally old school then grab some Jiffy Pop! Kids will get a huge kick out of the Jiffy pop foil rising as it pops! I recommend getting some popcorn salt (works great on fries too) because it is much smaller and sticks better than regular table salt you use for cooking/seasoning. Melt your butter or margarine in the microwave or stove top and pour that over your popcorn for that good, greasy, yummy, movie popcorn. A craft that you can incorporate into your movie night, especially if you have young kids, is to create popcorn bags rather than eating the popcorn out of a bowl. The craft I saw uses colored lunch bags and decorating them with magic markers to look like an “Admit One” movie ticket.

Craft Popcorn Bags

If you’re not the crafty type you could use your computer to create and print a “ticket” and glue it on the bags. Another idea is to buy popcorn bags at a place like Sam’s Club. You can buy in bulk and when you’re done you just throw them away. Another option is to buy the plastic popcorn buckets that look like the paper version of the old red and white striped bags you would get at a circus. I have seen these frequently at the Dollar Tree, click here so see a description and picture:  In the store I believe you get 2 buckets for $ 1!  You could do all 3 and rotate what you use based on the time you have to prepare.

On movie night have an intermission. For my family that would be between the kid’s movie and our movie so before putting the kids to bed have a small intermission and give everyone a chance to critique the movie. Their favorite part of the movie, a part they didn’t like and an overall score on the movie. Make it even more fun and keep a movie log. Get a small bound notebook and write the name of the movie and score it based on how many thumbs up it receives from your family and then mark it as something you’d watch again or something you wouldn’t watch again.

Don’t forget the other movie favorites such as the candy and soda. It’s not a movie without that right? The day before ask everyone to choose their favorite candy and soda and pick them up before the movie.  Also make sure you have plenty of popcorn and butter! For the movies you can pick one from your collection or if you’re on a budget give the Red Box a try. The movies are only $ 1 so even if it isn’t that great you only spent $ 1! If you want to know where you nearest Red Box click here: Chances are you can pick up the movie, popcorn, candy, and soda all at the same store! There is one in my local Wal-mart.  You just have to return them within 24 hours so you don’t get charged another day.

Need a gift idea for your movie lover friend? Here are several ideas: You could get a bag of microwave popcorn and rent or buy a movie they’ve been dying to see, add their favorite candy and wrap it up as a gift. You could put it in a box and wrap it the traditional way or you could get a small basket and turn into a gift basket or get a popcorn bowl and put all the items in it. Here is a gift I gave my in-laws, they are huge movie goers. So we got them a $ 25 Visa gift certificate (good to use anywhere) and I purchased a 7oz Hershey’s Giant Chocolate bar and made a personalized movie wrapper and hid the gift certificate inside the wrapper! They loved it!!  Instead of a getting one of those small gift card holders I made a candy gift card holder that was much more personal and gave them another gift to enjoy right then!