Movie Remakes – Pros And Cons

Deep within our heart lies a place of our most precious memories. Our first bicycle, a sandcastle or a first kiss, these are the things from the past that left an impression on our lives. They keep on lightning up our existence and whenever we go back to those times, our hearts are filled with the warmth and joy that we felt in those moments. What would our lives be without such beautiful memories? Black and white, I’m telling you! Without these significant things from our past, peoples’ lives would lack color. We would be missing that dimension which brings life to stories of past times. Not only do we treasure the souvenirs of precious toys or objects from our childhood, but we also keep the memories from emotional times and important events.

The same thing happens with movies. Great ones get to play a major part in our lives. We see them over and over again and we never forget the remarkable scenes that made a strong impression on us. This is what the movie industry counts on when releasing remakes of great movies. Usually, these movie remakes attract huge audiences. But the question is whether the original version loses the magic it once held, after the movie remake is released. The answer to this question is simple. If we feel the same fear, the same excitement we once had when these movies were first released, then the answer is no. This is a fair question to ask oneself, as there have been many times when the millions of dollars spent on pyrotechnics, stuntmen and computer generated graphics did not make an old movie any better.

Many people seem to love black and white films and the billboards today still present them sometimes. It is not a sure thing that the people who go to a movie fully understand the tenacity it takes to put together a film of that caliber.

It’s always a good idea to see the classic movie before watching the newly released movie remake. Only then can you decide whether the remake was better than the original movie or not. Film makers of the past were breaking ground and exploring an unknown field. And they made great films, even without the technology that film makers use today. It is up to each and every one of us to treat them with the respect they deserve!