MP3 Players – The Number One Feature in Cellular Phones Today

With the onslaught of modern technology, the humble cellular phone has been developed into a far more useful and complex gadget to suit people’s every need. Its functions no longer limit themselves to sending SMS messages and calling only. The most recent feature in demand is that of MP3 players for playing music and video files. Music on the go is the latest craze that has affected even cellular phones thus making the incorporation of MP3 players into such phones indispensable.

As a result of this demand for portable music, the majority of phone manufacturers always include MP3 ringtone players in their new model units. To prove this point, one only has to look at the Sony Ericson Walkman series, especially the W890i. The W890i, considered as one of the best Sony Ericson Walkman cell phone models around, is able to play MP3, WAV and WMA despite its slim 10 mm thickness and 78 g weight. People are impressed by its 4 Megabytes memory for storing music files despite its thin appearance. The Walkman series is decidedly superior to other Sony Ericson unit models in terms of its capability to play music files with superb audio output, which makes it count as one of the best music cell phones for ringtones available on the market.

Yet another cell phone company, the famous Nokia brand, also makes certain that the majority of their new cell phones can play MP3 ringtones. There are several reports that proclaim the Nokia 6300 as the company’s answer to Sony Ericson’s Walkman phones, due to the 6300’s ability to provide high quality audio output. There are others that liken another model, the Nokia 5300, to the Walkman cell phone, because of the 5300’s main feature for playing MP3 and additional media files. Besides that, the Nokia 5300 has an easy access button for play, pause, and next functions enabling the user to easily listen to his favorite MP3 files on his cell phone.

Not to be outdone, the Motorola phone company has come out with its own line of MP3 ringtone playing cell phones. For the makers of the iPhone, this highly advanced cell phone was also designed to play MP3 music files. Its interactive music player is the favorite feature of most iPhone users.

Taking a look at all these cell phone innovations aimed at MP3-loving phone users, nobody can deny how important it is for cell phone manufacturers to include MP3 ringtone playing features in their latest phones. For today’s cell phone users, the MP3 player feature is definitely a standard function that should be added to brand new phone models, regardless of which cell phone company produced them. For discerning phone users, they will not settle for anything less than high audio quality MP3 enabled cell phones.