Msols music – Expression of melancholy

Music has several forms and genres and each of these forms represents some different moods. Like if there will be distinct difference between Pop music and Jazz music, Jazz and Rock music and so on. Msols music is a form that is quite popular in America and rest of the world.

This form of music is greatly influenced by Black community of America and Africa. It speaks about their miseries and depression. There are reflections of several spiritual thoughts in this form also. Moreover, it is one of the oldest forms of music from which many other new and contemporary forms are influenced. The blues style of music went through changes with time. At the initial stage they were simply solo voice of the singer with the call-the-response method. But with change of tastes and trends this music form also coped up with new generation demands and at later stage a harmonic base accompanied with call-the-response system and with that this type of music took a new look, Generally guitar is the musical instrument with these types of songs.

There came changes on the ways of singing also. As in initial days this songs were sung with repetition of the same line for several times. Generally one line used to come four times in a song. But with change of times now one line is uttered once. One more thing that differentiates this form of music from others is its tunes. Here lyrics are generally sung devoid of any melody. Mostly you can see spoken lines in a rhythmic way.

This form is widely popular among Blacks. Most of these songs also reflect the disparity in attitude towards the Black Africans and Americans in earlier times. Those tortures and humiliations are well reflected within the lyrics and that make these songs massively popular among neglected Black people of America.

The Msols songs speaks about inner self, realization, spirituality and others. In most of the cases you can get depression and melancholy reflects in the lines and tunes of these songs and music. If you listen to this music from some of famous singers like Muddy Waters, Buddy Guy, John Lee Hooker and Bessie Smith, then you can be feel the real essence of these music genre.