MTV Splitsvilla – A Show Ridden With Controversies

The MTV Splitsvilla is a reality show on Indian television that has been going through various seasons since 2008. This show is inspired by the dating reality show on American television titled ‘Flavour of Love’. Here, the boys and girls are put together in a big house called the Splitsvilla mansion where their main job is to impress one another and try to win the coveted trophy of King and Queen. There is a lot of internal bickering that goes on this show as the contestants are always trying to put their counterparts out of limelight. The inmates of the Splitsvilla mansion do not share a healthy relationship, at least from what one has been seeing for the past six seasons.

Hosts for the show

* First Season – Ranvijay Singh
* Second Season – Nikhil Chinappa
* Third Season – Nikhil Chinappa and Deepti Gujaral
* Fourth Season -Nikhil Chinappa
* Fifth Season – Nikhil Chinappa
* Sixth Season – Nikhil Chinappa and Sherlyn Chopra

Winners of the show

The winners of the MTV Splitsvilla program by season are given below:

* Season 1 – Shraddha and Vishal
* Season 2 – Sakshi Pradhan and Siddharth Bhardwaj
* Season 3 – Riya Bamniyal and Parag Chadha
* Season 4 – Priya Shinde and Dushyant Yadav
* Season 5 – Akanksha Popli and Paras Chhabra
* Season 6 – Mandy Debbarma and Paramvir Singh

Activities of winners

After winning the first year of the show, Shraddha and Vishal got a chance to host a show called Couple Sutra on MTV for ten minutes every week, in which they discussed relationships that were true, on screen and celebrity breakups. Siddharth Bhardwaj who won the second season was also part of the MTV Stripped show. Sakshi Pradhan went on to participate in the Bigg Boss show that year but requested to be out soon after her pregnancy results turned negative. The seasons started getting complex with each year and every contestant had to toil hard for winning the ultimate title. They at least had to act cordial with their counterparts to avoid being dumped by one of them.


This show was in the news for all the infamous reasons. Even during the first season, there was news that too much of sexual content was exhibited on the show and the girls and boys were made to do cheap things to woo each other. After the second season, things got murkier because one of the eliminated contestants, Swagata went on to announce that the female participants were used sexually by the show’s production, crew and the host in order to remain in the top league. This news was however refused by the then host, Nikhil and the producer of this show. Nevertheless the news about women participants exchanging sexual favours to win the show refused to die down till the last moment. There were also evidences about some racial discrimination happening in the news when a contestant’s physical features were made fun of during the second season. The channel woke up after this controversy and has been careful ever since to check the content before the show is aired on TV. The racial content has been brought under check now.
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