Multi-Pure Water Filter Systems Are Worth Their Prices

All Multi-Pure water filter systems are worth their prices. When you first look at the listed price you think, huh! This is way too expensive for me. I can get a Brita or PUR filter for less, or even half the price. The problem is the initial cost of a home water treatment system may not tell the exact cost over a long run.

Here is why?

The initial cost of an MPAD is $ 225.95; each replacement filter is designed to last up to 12 months and costs of $ 56.95 each (in fact, the Aquamania option will cost you less). So, additional 4 filters over the next four years will cost you about $ 227.80 making the total cost over five years to be approximately $ 453.75. You will need only four additional filters since the system comes with the filter you need for the first year.

If you buy the aquamania option, you will buy 6 replacement filters for $ 359.70 for and receive the system almost free. This gives you uninterrupted filtered water for next five years plus the lifetime warrantiesfor the stainless steel cover.

If you take a look at PUR CR-6000C which costs only $ 19.99 initially; a replacement filter which lasts up to just 2 months is sold for $ 19.95 meaning that you have to replace your filters 6 times in a year. Since you will begin to buy a set of replacement filters in the second year, at $ 19.95 per replacement filter, you will pay a total of $ 478.80 four years. Therefore, your 5-year expense (the initial cost plus the replacement filter cost) will be approximately $ 498.75.

The bottom line is if you decide on the Aquamania option your savings will be approximately $ 139.05, and without the option, your savings will be $ 45.00 over PUR CR-6000C pitcher filter system plus all the troubles in having to change filters six times a year. Your savings could be even higher if you apply one of their generous discounts which are available periodically.