Multi-table Sit N Go Tournament Tips On Playing Tight

Multi-table Sit N Go Tournaments are the greatest thing since sliced bread. Only the Internet can provide such an amazing facility that you can find a tournament and be playing within literally minutes. On a big poker website there are multi-table Sit N Go Tournament’s starting all the time.

If you have played any multi-table Sit N Go tournaments you will probably know that it is pretty easy to make a mistake and just be out, your money down the drain. The secret to winning multi-table Sit N Go tournaments, just like any tournament, is you need to survive. Avoid risks where you could be all-in, in other words all-out, on just a single hand

The best way to do this is to play tight. Multi-table Sit N Go tournament tight play has it’s place, you just have to know how.

I find it’s often better to stay quite tight during the beginning of the tournament. On low table tournaments, like 2 and 3 table tournaments you should stay tight until you get to the very last table. You can expand this to bigger tournaments. A rule of thumb you could use is stay tight the first 60% of the tournament and then loosen up.

Of course, follow whatever multi-table Sit N Go tournament strategy you are using. Don’t be afraid to steal blinds from the cutoff and do what you need to do to keep up with the rising blinds but just don’t get too loose too early on.

Doubling up at the start of a tournament isn’t that beneficial compared to later doubling up later on. It’s almost like the later in the tournament you double up the better. Take the opportunity if it comes by but don’t risk an all-in unless you surely know you will most probably win. Especially avoid coin-flip hands.

But, I’ll warn you now. Staying tight for the whole tournament will not win you the game. You will need to start taking risks sooner or later. Just make calculated risks. For example, if low pocket pairs come your way, get to the flop and see if you can land a set. If you hit don’t be afraid to bet a large amount of your stack. Assuming there are no major warning signs.

I’m sure your aware how important learning the correct strategies and tactics to win multi-table Sit N Go tournaments is, and you are probably realizing that the best players who win these tournaments regularly are in fact very knowledgeable and experienced. For that reason, can I suggest that you continue to learn how to play Hold Em Poker better. Because learning new information on poker is the only way to become very good at it.