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Mumbai is the capital of the Indian state of Maharashtra. It is the most populous city in India, and the fourth most populous city in the planet.
Mumbai is the commercial and entertainment capital of India it is also 1 of the world’s leading 10 centers of commerce in terms of global monetary flow. Mumbai is property to important economic institutions such as the Reserve Bank of India, the Bombay Stock Exchange, the National Stock Exchange of India, and the SEBI. It homes some of India’s premier scientific and nuclear institutes like BARC, NPCL, and the Department of Atomic Energy. The city also homes India’s Hindi (Bollywood) and Marathi film and tv business.
Mumbai’s culture is a blend of conventional festivals, food, music and theatres. The city delivers a cosmopolitan and diverse life-style with a assortment of food, entertainment and evening life.
The architecture of the city such as the Victoria Terminus and Bombay University, have been constructed in Gothic Revival style. There are also a handful of Indo-Saracenic styled buildings such as the Gateway of India. Art Deco styled landmarks can be located along the Marine Drive. Mumbai has two UNESCO Planet Heritage Sites, the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus and the Elephanta Caves.Popular tourist attractions in the city are Nariman Point, Girgaum Chowpatti, Juhu Beach, and Marine Drive. Essel World is a theme park and amusement centre situated close to Gorai Beach.
The city has two international cricket grounds, the Wankhede Stadium and the Brabourne Stadium.
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Kuala Lumpur, or “KL” as it is frequently identified, is the focal point of new Malaysia. Kuala Lumpur is situated midway along the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia, at the confluence of the Klang and Gombek rivers. It is approximately 35 km from the coast and sits at the centre of the Peninsula’s substantial and modern transportation network. Kuala Lumpur is easily the biggest city in the nation, possessing a population of more than one particular and a half million individuals drawn from all of Malaysia’s a lot of ethnic groups.
The city’s bustling streets, its shining, modern office towers, and its cosmopolitan air project an unbounded spirit of progress and symbolize Malaysia’s unhesitating leap into the future
In the exact same way, the city brings together Malaysia’s previous and present, its many constituent cultures, and even its remarkable all-natural treasures, permitting very first-time guests an invaluable opportunity to see Malaysia as a whole before setting off to explore its components. In the botanical and bird parks of the Lake Gardens one is treated to a 1st glimpse of the unsurpassed beauty and selection of Malaysia’s plants and animals.
In the vibrant Central Marketplace, music, crafts, and cultural practices from Kelantan to Sarawak can be explored and seasoned. And in the National Museum, the dizzying multiplicity of Malaysia’s cultural history comes into focus. As the entry point for most visitors and the meeting point of the country’s several attractions, Kuala Lumpur is a grand gateway to a fascinating destination. 
Petronas tower with a height of 1,453 feet, one particular of the world’s tallest buildings rise above the skyline of Kuala Lumpur.