Murray, hits to stars more severely

On Tuesday morning, Ottawa Senators general manager Bryan Murray couldn’t help but wonder what the National Hockey League would have done if it had been Sidney Crosby instead of Jason Spezza who was thrown headfirst into the boards on Sunday night and suffered serious shoulder injury, where to buy Cheap NHL Jerseys? maybe ujersy is a good choice.

“They would have closed the league, wouldn’t they?” said Murray, exaggerating only slightly.

Spezza could be out as long as two months with a right shoulder injury after Pittsburgh defenceman Kris Letang hit him into the boards from behind. But Letang went free. After reviewing the hit, the league decided it wouldn’t further penalize Letang, who received only a two-minute minor. NHL vice-president Colin Campbell called it a “hockey play.”

Murray disagreed, to put it mildly, if you want to buy San Jose Sharks #19 Jersey, go to ujersy.

“I’m obviously emotional and prejudiced about it,” Murray said. “We lose a valuable player on our hockey team for a period of time. I watched (the hit) again (Tuesday) . . . and I don’t understand why that’s not considered a hit from behind.

“The guy pushed hard. Jason was stumbling, no question. But I mean, really, if you look at where his head hit on the ice, it could have a back injury or a neck injury as much as anything else.”

What really irks Murray, though, is that there appears to be two levels of justice — one for the Sidney Crosbys of the world and another for everyone else.

“I maintain that,” Murray said. “I watch the game and how calls are (made), and I think, if that would have been — and I’m not going to use a name — a different player, it might well have been a major, the guy would have been out of the game for sure and the league would suspend him.”

Murray said head hits and hits from behind along the boards are the two things the league has put great effort into cracking down on.

“It doesn’t do us any good whatsoever to see a player from another team suspended. There’s no benefit to our hockey team at all,” he said. “But the message from the league to the other players is: You can’t do …

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