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Museum of the core part of the security system is Security The core, its purpose is to prevent crime from occurring, and can discover effective treatment of risk, but the alarm system back a single software interface exists, the lack of real-time audio and video data verification; CCTV systems can be solved in this part of the problem, but at all times maintain duty officers monitor the actual application process is not possible; so seamless security system management is the basis for efficient operation of integrated systems, present the museum is the practical application of security engineering, the linkage approach to two systematic approach is basically provided by PGM output alarm system function access relay, and then transferred to DVR Or matrix input to achieve the alarm, the disadvantage is very clear, first of all quantitative restrictions by the alarm input, if the zone large number of cases, provide details of alarm output can not distinguish between PGM, DVR or video of a timely response matrix is relatively vague, the effect should be discounted, face special alarm reaction may occur in time of possible mistakes or not, this is such a high level of security units in the museum is not possible. Second, the CCTV system, there are also restrictions on the number of alarm input, alarm system can not meet the large zone requirements; the same time, if Alarm Host Large number, background management software can not adapt, then a single software management problems, if all outgoing telephone network or line 485 form of transmission costs and transmission structure is complex, the stable operation of this system Security Also caused by hidden; third, is the main problem, alarm system, management and the management of CCTV systems are relatively independent of the alarm occurs, alarm system alarm host response to make, but Monitoring System Can not adjust the camera position and video in a timely manner, resulting in reduced efficiency, if you encounter duty personnel are not in place, the situation is very serious consequences.

Light of this reality, we have many years of research and exploration, has now established a relatively complete solution to the museum to represent high-grade video security alarm unit integrated management program, the following have Solutions The heart of several questions in a brief description:

Alarm system: Posonic dual bus alarm host PS-9192 is the core of this system, host defense area with a large expansion of capacity, and ultra long-range transmission capability, the number of master zone zone from eight basic effect can be expanded to 192 from defined zone, the number of host system module support is very much up to the nature of the module to support 192 zones, 48 control Keyboard And up to 64 relay output module and other modules such as multi-functional properties, while the host is also a dual bus structure, a special area (such as a flat or a more concentrated area) can be used multiple zone module (8-16 zones) , came a distance of 750 meters, to extend the distance through the Power supply And the relay module to extend the transmission distance of PS-483 double; in a number of long distance signal transmission in the zone, at the same time using the bus driver module PS-PP8, supports 3-way 3Km transmission bus (no relay extension), respectively to add a 1-4 zone modules, on the premises of the Museum of scattered settlement and perimeter alarm processing zone can simultaneously solve the complete sub-system can be set to 1-8, according to the work of the museum and opening hours of their own to determine the external conditions such as the various sub- the rational combination of the system to ensure the rationalization of the security system to run.

On the integrated management of alarm monitoring system which has done the following brief :

Control software: the establishment in 9192 under the background of this system management software (security police, as the software), in addition to the normal procedures to complete set, arm and disarm, subsystems, and the Alarm handling capabilities, but also with the entire CCTV Synchronization management linkage processing, management software integrates the mainstream brands and matrix DVR, DVS brand communication protocol, the program setup process, you can choose alarm events or zone events and CCTV systems and back-end video camera management of contact and interaction, the corresponding event can be one-way, one to many, it can be many to one, or, many to many cross-form, can be arbitrarily set according to site conditions, the main objective is to ensure that the alarm incident cases, the first time live video capture, would not be operating at capacity and the duty of the reaction of proficiency or not, the management system will automatically follow to make a variety of alarm conditions reserved for the CCTV camera position adjustment and video start (or start high-definition video) and other actions; when the alarm system to a zone alarm, and also CCTV cameras (speed ball) corresponding zone automatic location recording, computer interface, automatic pop-up screen, management of staff on duty directly on the screen can see the alarm on the facts of the region, according to the police observed the selection of suitable processing conditions, significant savings in the staff access to video of the incident. Efficient management of such events on the way to the museum the security system of the nature of communication: alarm form of communication is through the host SerilaOutput port and management of computer 232 communication, support for multiple alarm host in the same software to work (such as a 192 zone not the case), the computer serial port expansion can; network matrix and DVR through the LAN port and computer communications, multi-multi DVR matrix and can be managed through the router and computer communications; control software is built on the alarm system on the basis of management control of CCTV system communication settings; alarm system can be run independently, outside of work remains a remote phone alarm, CCTV system can still function in its own transmission to continue the work, such as remote access to transmission and remote storage and can be completed normally.

System diagram

Rationalization of an integrated management system to protect system settings are necessary for efficient operation, while front rational selection and use of detection equipment is the first museum alarm system reliability factors, because the detection side of the stable and efficient work of the entire security system to work effectively basis for more specialized domestic alarm equipment manufacturers are not many, we usually adopt the current international standards, some number of museums to make a brief detection equipment to facilitate the majority of peer-reference: BOLA TANGKAS