Music is my Tishnagi ? Sarosh Sami

Singer Sarosh Sami new Album “Tishnagi” is commencing soon, Album has 8 tracks.

Twin soul entertainment is releasing the Album Tishnagi whose all songs are sung

by Singer Sarosh Sami. For him music is passion and he can do anything for singing. From childhood Sarosh had interest in singing he says, “I have so much craze for music and can do everything for my passion of Singing. Think so this is the reason Tishnagi has come out as his second album. The video of the Album Tishnagi is directed by Ms.Rosemary Dewy, who after listening to songs decided to make videos.

Sarosh, means Angel (Farista in presian Lanuguage). Music’s angel means Sarosh Sami’s voice has different sweetness which attracts the listeners towards it. When asked why he kept his Album name Tishnagi? He replied, “We have 8 songs in the album but we thought Tishnagi will be related by people so it’s the title track of the album”. Asked about meaning of Tishnagi? He said, “Tishnagi means thirst, every person have thirst for something, someone have for love, some for music, and this thirst is in my song and while listening to these songs listeners can relate to it”.

When asked Sarosh you have done Pharmacy course then how you landed in music world? He answered, “Because I had interest towards music and wanted to try my luck so I am here with an Album”.

Because of his interest in singing he learnt Tabla and Semi-classical music. And he managed his traditional business but with that he continued his interest towards singing. Prior to this album his first album was “Hey Ya” was popular among the audience. Will this album be a big hit? He said, “yes, because the songs in the album are of every mood like Tishnagi, Rubaro, Tum ho, Jaane kya, Ye Tapish, Sun le, Aasmani every song is such which will touch the heart of people”.

Album Tishnagi’s two music videos “Tishnagi” and “Rubaro” are ready. In the both the videos Sarosh has acted when asked music is for listening or viewing? He said, “If a song is portrayed nicely then people listen the song and like to watch the song and also they remember it for a long time”. But is it necessary to for singer to be in the music video? He answered, “It is very necessary because people can’t relate to the singer they just recognize the model in the song”.

When asked about reality shows Sarosh said, “I don’t like to participant in reality show. I think reality shows don’t benefit anyone it’s just for TRP. If really something ensues then where is the participated singers? No one knows”.

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