My Best Christmas Day

The Christmas Day is the most precious time for everyone. For some people, the Christmas Day means holiday, they can take a break and prepare for the next plan; for other people, it is a good time to earn money as the happy atmosphere irritate people to buy more. As far as I am concerned, it is the high time I come back home and stay with my parents. I have gone away from home for college for six years, so I can not take care of my parents except for the long holiday. Though I should adapt such live, I still miss them especially on the special day.
I begin to regret to choose the biological engineering as my major, since I often need to do some experiments to prove my assumption. It seems I can not go home this Christmas Day since these experiments can not be interrupted. It is the third Christmas Day I spend in the university, I though I can go home this year. Most of my classmates start to prepare their Christmas gifts and discuss how to spend the important festival with family. My Christmas story will be so boring again and the worse thing is I do not know how to tell my parents. They must be very disappointed.
No matter how to spend the Christmas Day, I should buy some gifts at least. Or I will die from gloom. I decide to choose two wool scarves for them and I hope the scarves can not only keep warm for my parents, but also give them a happy Christmas though I can not celebrate with them.
But it is strange that when I tell them I can not go home, my parents seem very calm. My mother said: “Ok, I knew it. What your plan for the Christmas eve?” “Nothing actually, I can not leave the college since I need to observe my experiment every two hours.” “Then I hope you can have a good time with your little bugs.” After I hang up the phone, I wonder if the woman who I spoken to is my mother.
Finally, the Christmas Day comes in many peoples expectation, but I do not care about it. I plan to order take out and stay my dormitory and I do not want to go out. After a moment, I hear knocks on the door. That must be my take out, but when I open the door, I can not believe my eyes. My parents stand at the door with different delicious foods in their hand, words limit me to express how happy I am. It is the best Christmas Day until now. BOLA TANGKAS