My Husband Cheated ? Do We Have To Go Through A Divorce?


My husband cheated on me, is divorce the only option I really have to set things straight? It really depends on what you mean by setting things straight what the answer to this question will be.

If you want to save your marriage and work things out with your husband, then there are quite a few definite possibilities. If you’re thinking of something along the lines of skulls and cast iron skillets, maybe that’s not the best solution in this day and age.

Marriages today have more distractions and disruptions than ever before. Work, kids, social commitments, volunteer work, and then both parents generally work in order to make ends meet month after month. It leaves a lot of room for problems to arise and one problem that is increasingly common is cheating.

Cheating by the Numbers

If you can forgive your husband for cheating on you, there is no reason at all to feel guilty or allow yourself to be bullied into a divorce by other people in your life who feel that is the only viable solution.

The numbers show that most women who are cheated on actually do not get divorces as a direct result of their husband’s cheating. How do we know that?

We understand this because nearly 50% of all married men admit to having affairs on their wives. Not earth shattering as far as revelations go but noteworthy nonetheless. The thing is that 50% of all marriages end in divorce.

While it’s safe to assume that not all divorces are the result of cheating husband’s it’s the fact that the most commonly cited reason for divorce is actually disagreements over money that’s the real kicker in this situation.

What Do You Want?

Here’s a thought. Perhaps it’s time that you really sit down and focus on something other than the fact that “my husband cheated” and see if you can figure out what you WANT to happen next.

Do you really want to leave your husband for cheating on you? There’s no shame if that is what you want but most women really do find that they want to work to save their marriages if they are given a choice in the matter.

Guess what?

You do have a choice in this matter. You can fight for your marriage if that is what you want to do. In fact, you should fight for it if that’s what you really want.